Written by D.R. Frazier

It was a cold rigid night, one of those nights were you crawl under the covers and get a goodnight sleep. I proceeded to do so, but there was such an eerie feeling that came over me. I suddenly became very paranoid. My senses were heightened to the point that I actually heard a spider crawling in the corner of my room, no really…I heard it it was like a little typewriter tapping at 10 wpm. I was able to smell hotdogs cooking from the 24hr. Convenient store 3 miles away. I grabbed my glasses and look out my window and I saw a snake slithering around the base of a tree, the tree was five houses down from mine. I could see to good now I said as I took off my glasses. What was happening to me? I remember when I was little and wanted to be like Spider-Man and this seemed like something out of the superhero movies when they first found out about their super human powers. What would mine be? I looked around and then jumped towards the ceiling to see if I could fly or at least jump up and hang from the ceiling like Spider-Man. Nope that ain’t it, I went down stairs and ran out the door to see if I could run fast, I tripped and fell. Nope that ain’t it I said as I brushed the dirt off of my knees and arms. I thought maybe I had super human strength, so I looked around to see what I could do to test my strength. I decided to jump up on the tree branch and pull the tree down. I got myself ready and then I jumped. “Got it!” I yelled I shifted my weight as if I was pulling the tree down and all of a sudden it started moving. “Yeah! I thought and then I realized that the branch was coming down but the tree was not moving as I was falling back and finally hit the ground laying there in pain. My butt was sore and so was my back. I laid there for a minute trying to figure out what my super human powers were and then I heard my brother laughing at me from the bedroom window. I got up and went back to the room. My brother was under the cover playing his game, each button sounded like typing, on his nightstand was a half eaten hotdog from the convenient store.

I yelled out to him. “Jimmy, what are you doing up?”

Jimmy looked at me and said. “I went to the bathroom and came back to lay down and couldn’t sleep, then I couldn’t find my glasses.” I walked to my nightstand and realized that I had Jimmy’s glasses instead of mine. After all of that I was tired, so I laid down curled under my covers and went to sleep.