CHAPTER ONE -Control Your Actions

There are two things you have total control over:

What you say- Do not be deceived into believing that you can say what you want when you want, freedom of speech has a price and consequences, be ready to pay for both.

What you do- “I’m grown I can do what I want” this is one of the greatest lie ever told, especially if you are married and or have children. Not to mention that society doesn’t allow for people to just do what they want.

These two things are the backbone of who you are so respect yourself and teach your children the truth. Stop believing a lie over the truth, it will benefit you more in the future.

  1. Don’t give your time to people with a defeated mentality the weak minded can entertain themselves. Let your strong heart and mind guide your way and impart good to people who can understand your gift from God.
  2. Adversaries should make you want to do better…
  3. Always respect a man who can intelligently verbalize and defend a point with truth. Facts are facts, truth is truth and a lie is a lie, it’s not based on whether you agree with it or not or how you feel.
  4. The difference from being brave or being a coward isn’t the absent of fear, but how you conduct yourself during that time of fear. The coward does nothing, but the brave does whatever it takes to get past the opposition.
  5. As time goes on everybody grows. If you still think and feel the same way on every issue of life for the last 20 years, then you have wasted 20 years of your life.
  6. You will never grow to be the best person you can be if you only surround yourself with people who always agree with everything you do and everything you say…
  7. Death of your youth shouldn’t be mourned by carrying around its carcass.
  8. I often heard people say two steps forward 1 step back. Is there a rule that says we can’t take three or four steps forward? Look beyond two steps.
  9. The mood of any situation is usually set by the person with the strongest personality. Remember that when you state that someone ruined your mood. Be strong, stay strong and live your life your way without compromise.

You’re talented but I’m gifted and if you don’t know the difference…

Talent you have to work on to perfect it, but being gifted is from God, it is a part of you and it is done effortlessly.

Not everyone, whether friends or family will understand your gift which comes from God, nor will they accept the path you take. Be your own person, make your mistakes and learn from them, everyone doesn’t have to drive to take the road to success. Take your time and walk it out.

You’ll appreciate the time it took to get there.


I often heard that imitation is the greatest form of flattery, but I say that imitation lacks creativity, While art imitating life or life imitating art often shows similarities, it is the passion in which an individual displays their craft that shows the disparity as it leads to clarity of the truth of this world in which we live. Be creative and be true to yourself as we were all made with many similarities as well as a uniqueness that sets us apart one from another. Be blessed and be who God made you.


​I once grieved as I felt the loss of the person that I was until I understood and trusted the person I am, so I embrace and cherish it in the present, because I will have to love and appreciate the person that I will inevitably be in the future.

Not being who you once were shows maturity, loving who you are now is comforting, but anticipation of who you will ultimately become because of the knowledge of God is divine.

If honesty is the best policy, why does the truth hurts so much?

Everyone has a breaking point… The bad part is we don’t know what the breaking point is so be nice or be prepared.

You can gain knowledge and become smart, but intelligence is a gift from God. Having a degree will not make you smart it only proves perseverance…

Balance of life is the key to opening the door of success.

Some people just get old others grow up.

When you really make it, you don’t have to sound a trumpet to let people know, because when you really make it people will know. Some want the fame, some want the fortune and many want both. Stay true and stay humble, it’s fine to want both fame and fortune, but for me I’ll take the fortune, someone else can have the fame.

We should grow in knowledge, wisdom and understanding. Don’t be fooled by everything you hear and read; consider the source, get an understanding, gain knowledge and pray for wisdom. May God continue to bless you all by the blessings you deserve? Let’s love one another with a Godly love regardless of race, creed or color. Don’t fight ignorance with knowledge of self in anger, because ignorance knows no knowledge.

Throughout our lifetime we will come in contact with different types of people. Be cordial to each type, and stay true to who you are in spite of who they are and what they do, some people don’t know any different and some don’t know any better. It’s not your job to know who knows what.

There comes a time in our life when we have to reflect on where we are at the present time and where we want to be in the future. If you are 30 plus years of age you should know your limitations, your aspirations, your weakness and your strengths. Your struggles should only be within (you verses you) so don’t blame others. If someone is a road block in your path to success there should only be two options…

1. Go around them to get where you need to go

2. Go through them to get where you need to be

Any other option will slow down your progress.

Be true to who you are…

Pretty can never be based on comparison of other pretty people. Pretty is unique.

Secure your birthright so you can die in peace

Forbidden Fruit

Why is forbidden fruit more desirable?

Why is something that is not accessible to you sparks your interest to see if you can make it accessible?

Why do men want what is not theirs?

Why do women obtain what they only use sparingly and then store it for a long period of time?

Why do emotions put us in permanent situations that were only meant to be temporary?

Truth is we as people long to be loved, appreciated and desired, no one like to feel neglected, betrayed or disrespected, but when we feel inadequate, uncertain or unsupported by our significant other, we tend to stray and cause all the things we felt (Neglect, betrayal and disrespect) to the person who first made us feel this way and it becomes a cycle. How do we break the cycle and mend our hearts?

Ugly is in the heart of the hateful, beauty is in the heart of the peaceful.

​Make no apologies for who you are or what you do…

Own up to your mistakes as well as your accomplishments.

Even good people have struggles in living life. Miserable people will focus on the bad and disregard the good in others and do the opposite within themselves.

Everyone needs to find a place where they can get away and find peace.

Formulas like 1+3=4, 2x2=4 and 1+1x2=4 are all different variations that yield the same results… There is more than one variation to reach

“Your success”

Find the formula that works for you…

Success for one person may be failure to another



The truth shall make you free. Free from lies, free from guilt, free from regret and free from worrying about how others see you. Truth will allow you to be who God intended you to be without desires to please others. You cannot serve man and God. It’s hard enough trying to be accepted by the ones who claim they love you for whom you are but constantly judge and condemn you if you dare to be your true self. Good or bad, right or wrong, who but God is worthy to judge, live to be your true self, asking only God to lead and guide you, because no one is perfect but God.

I’m seeking truth how about you?

A true leader understands his weakness and will allow another who has the strength to pick up the slack.

If it is true that life goes on and everybody grows, then also remember that how you do anything is how you do everything. Laziness is across the board, just like competitiveness.

If it is true that the good die young then I have to rethink my ways as I get older.

If the truth makes you free, what does a lie make you?

Can an enemy share the same God, religion and faith? Can a master and slave share the same God as one prays for freedom, while the other prays for strength over the other?

I believe in the truth over lies, Logic over faith, Knowledge over deception and Wisdom over foolishness. Seek for knowledge, wisdom and understanding. The truth hurts, because of the lies we were told and lived.

You vs. U

Often times when people lash out at you it is because of how and what they feel about themselves, don’t take it personal…

It’s not me versus you

it’s you versus you

Have peace within yourself.

Unless you experienced that certain thing, you only know what you believe to be true because someone told you so… His-Story

Every day we live, we get closer to death… Use your time wisely and keep your words truthful, some things you can’t take back.

The same people who shouted out Hosanna! Hosanna! Are the same people who shouted crucify him! Be true to who you are, because you can’t please everyone.

Stop believing a person who lies to themselves will tell you the truth.

I long to see the better side of who I will become in time, the totality of me I love, but I can still improve and better.

Tame your tongue and enhance your thoughts on things that are good or else you will end up doing things you said you would never do.

It’s unwise to entertain the things you say you wouldn’t do

I remember my good deeds and my wrong doings. Don’t remember people wrong doings and only remember your good deeds. Judge not…

Free will can cost you if you think you can do what you want without consequences, but paying attention cost nothing.

You should’ve pushed harder when you had the chance… Lost opportunities may not come around again.

When things don’t happen when it should, it may never happen… Timing is everything.

If you have to convince someone to do what you are passionate to do, then you will have twice as much to do… your part and theirs.

When you’re passionate it’s on both sides… good and bad.

Without man there wouldn’t be a woman… Without women there would no longer be life. We need to respect and understand we need each other for the world to continue.

Marriage is the biggest compromise you will ever make in your life… be prepared and be warned.

You can only be successful in a relationship when you take away the fairytales in your head. No relationship will ever be perfect, because people aren’t perfect. The truth hurts but it is necessary…

Believe me when I say everything has an expiration date, Even marriage, it could be till death do us part or earlier.

A strong, confidence, secure and truthful man will always acknowledge that it is better to have a woman by his side instead of behind him. The bible asks the question in Amos 3:3 Can two walk together least they agree? Even in my wrong doings I can always acknowledge the truth. I’m not perfect, but I’m committed.

Even a nice guy can be quick tempered, don’t be fooled by a calm demeanor. Let a man live in peace and more than likely he will let you do the same.

Don’t disrespect people and expect to be respected. Because someone looks like a push over doesn’t mean they are a push over, everyone has a limit.

A boy becoming a man needs to be steadfast, immovable, understanding and adhering to the teachings of men and women who follow God’s word, not following others in order to fit in, for even as children we are peculiar people.

The steps your child takes in life might be the results of following in your footsteps, so watch where you place your feet.

Most of us live our own truth even if it is based on lies.

Don’t debate religion with people who still tell their children about Santa Claus, the tooth fairy and the Easter bunny… They’re already living a life of lies.

If you have to debate a religious belief with someone who says they believe in the same God, then somewhere there is doubt. How can two have revelation from the same spirit and not agree…

Who am I to say who’s lying? I often heard people say that God is not the author of confusion.

Every day we live, we get closer to death… Use your time wisely and keep your words truthful, some things you can’t take back.

Religion, race, color or creed would not matter if you follow these two things.

1. Love God with all of which is in your being, all your soul and your entire mind

2. Treat your neighbor as you treat your love ones, understanding we all make mistakes

Faith has no proof, facts do… Remember that when you push your faith on someone that has facts.

What ever happen to love thy neighbor? Does that only apply to those that agree with everything you do and say?

What ever happen to conquering fear or hate with love? People quote stuff they don’t truly believe.

Be strong and realize you make the difference in your own lives… You are strong, smart and above racist people. Wake up, stand up and keep your head up high. Don’t have a defeated attitude based on the ignorance that surrounds you.

History can cause hurt, continue sorry and carry racism from generation to generation. Let your history start with you and your past experience. Live your story, not his.

It’s funny how people talk about racism and then celebrate pagan holidays that was started by racist. We all have a little hypocrisy in our lives, stop pointing fingers. Live and let live.

If your contribution no matter how great or small consist of fighting against the inevitable it would be wise for you to refocus and prepare for the inevitable.

Be careful of the spirits that you let into your home. Some are good and some are bad.

Death is inevitable, life is a gift, grace wasn’t earned and mercy is from God whom will judge all. Live in peace and bless all that you come in contact with regardless of race, creed, color and religion.

If people truly understood what a miracle is they would realize that we all don’t need a miracle, we just need to live life according to God’s plan.


A man is not a man because he made a child with a woman, but in my opinion a man is a man when he is able to fall to his knees, clasp his hands and pray to God to lead and guide him in how to train up a child in a way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it, as it is written in the bible. When a man spends time with his son he is imparting ways of a man to his son. The way he speaks, his posture and his mannerism are all thing that a man teaches his male child. A man should never lie to his child, if he does not know the answer he should be honest and search for the correct answer and when he finds the answer then he should truthfully share it with his child. A man who has a son should hug his son every day and tell him how he feels. A man is not ashamed to tell his son he love him, he is proud of him nor should a man be ashamed to correct his son, scold his son or discipline his son, making sure it is done in love and not in anger. A man should show his son how he should treat a woman, by showing an example of how he treats his wife. A man endures all things in hope for the better in times of turmoil. A man confesses his mistakes and asks for forgiveness in hopes that his confessions of wrong doing will be accepted. A man understands that no one is perfect and will always strive to do better. A man will find corrections for his mistakes and act accordingly. A man loves, a man communicates properly and a man cares for his family.

Remember change can take time, but it also takes effort, so on this day commit to being a father and a man.

D.R. Frazier

Some people know me to be loving and kind, some know me to be combative and mean, some know me to be forgiving, some know me to be spiteful, some know me to be giving, some know me to keep to myself, some know me to be faithful and some know me to be unfaithful, some know me to be a peace maker, some no me to be a fighter and the truth is I am all of those things…

I am human