2017's Top 10 Episodes of 1994’s “Aaahh!!! Real Monsters”

With baby new year finally on our doorstep, it’s time to look back at the year that was. And what better way to relive 2017 then through the top 10 episodes of Nickelodeon’s 1994 cartoon “Aaahh!!! Real Monsters”

10) Curse of the Krumm (S1 Ep3): Of our three protagonists, Krumm was always the least likely to get his own story. So when this 1994 episode showed our favorite sudoriferous monster losing his trademark body odor, you can be sure 2017 took notice.

9) Into the Woods (S2 Ep3): “Into the Woods” introduces us to the character of Bradley, a human boy who bonds with Ickis over their shared outsider status. Heart-warming as it is anomalistic, this episode is why 2017 became the year of Bradley.

8) Quest for the Holy Pail (S2 Ep11): Now some of you may remember that this episode was ranked as high as 4th on last year’s list, but it just didn’t bring that same fire in 2017. Still, it deserves recognition due to the performance of the inimitable Charlie Adler.

7) Oblina and the Three Humans (S3 Ep6): In less capable hands, this story within a story may have fallen flat in 2017. But with the strong narrative voice of the perspicacious Oblina to guide it, this episode was a great change-up from the usual ARM material.

6) Mother, May I (S1 Ep 7): It took until number 6, but we’ve finally got a Gromble episode! Here, we learn more than we ever expected about our favorite intransigent teacher when his mother pays a visit. Extra points for introducing “Mush head” into the 2017 vernacular!

Who you calling Mush Head, Mush Head?

5) Monster Hunter (S1 Ep 5): We can’t discuss Aaahh Real Monsters in 2017 without discussing 1994’s Monster Hunter. This episode introduced the lubricious Simon, who would represent the main antagonist of the series and a constant source of tension for our heroes. 2017 wouldn’t be the same without Simon.

4) Simon Strikes Back (S1 Ep 13): It’s an all-star cast when both Simon AND Bradley return for this ensemble episode. All of our favorite monsters are captured and it takes Bradley’s incisive acumen to save the day. 2017 could have used a few more Bradleys.

3) Fistful of Toenails (S3 Ep 9): This episode may not have had the same series altering significance as “Where Have All the Monsters Gone” (more on that later), but it demonstrated what this show can do when it indulges in its silly side. It’s jocular irreverence has earned it number 3 status for 2017.

2) Garbage Ahoy (S2 Ep5): Aahhh! Real Monsters’ version of a bottle episode, “Garbage Ahoy” allowed us to explore our umbilical characters more closely than ever before. It created the prism through which we view the series in 2017 and therefore deserves the number 2 spot.

1) Where Have All the Monsters Gone (S1 Ep12): Could it have been anything else? This two-part episode delved deeply into the show’s lore and introduced “The Pool of Elders,” the raison d’etre for our monsters education in scaring. As dramatic as it is triumphant, “Where Have All the Monsters Gone” is a seminal piece of 2017. It’s hard to imagine this past year without it.

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