Hello Mr. Friedlander- I appreciated this socio-historic look at minimalism as I am at present…
Jaxx the Poet

Hi Jaxx, I’m afraid you seem to know more about responsible disposal than I do. You might look up my friend Rob Greenfield (robgreenfield.tv) as he’s an expert in creative uses of trash.

My strategy nowadays is watching inflow. It’s funny how over-consumption sneaks up on you. It’s sorta watching your children grow. Day in, day out you see them growing taller and bigger and then one day they’re adults. But you don’t notice on a daily level because the incremental changes are so subtle.

Clutter is like that — it comes in slowly, week in, week out, until you’re eventually wondering how you amassed all this shit. So I find it’s almost best to have a no-shop policy — just assume you don’t need anything — and then occasionally sneak something in. I tend to even wait for purchases I might really need. Recently, I went a few weeks without proper silverware rather than buying new stuff because I knew that if I waited, I’d find something, as was the case.

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