Life and its Meaning

What is it and where is it headed?

Definitions of Life are vague. There is no strong consensus on a basic question — what is Life?

There are many definitions, but one stands out for me.

It is a definition of life through the Laws of Thermodynamics and it is a very elegant definition with implications for our lives and the meaning of life.

That definition is that Life is an anti-entropic force.

What is anti-entropy? It’s the opposite of entropy. Entropy is an “orderliness” of a system.

Imagine a coffee and milk. Both have entropy. When you mix them together, you raise entropy of the system. Milk and coffee are mixed together in one chaotic substance and there is no way of reversing this.

Or imagine a glass of wine. When you break it becomes more entropic. More chaotic. “Orderliness” of the system declines.

Second Law of Thermodynamics tells us, that closed system move to higher entropy over time. Our whole Universe is one closed system (at least by our current scientific knowledge).

Natural process for things is thus to decline. Hot tea cools. Cars break down. Sun will run out of fuel. This is increasing entropy. Everything leads to one big mish-mash. Everything loses on complexity.

Except for one thing. Life.

Life is anti-entropic. Life creates higher complexity and “fights” against the entropy. It creates more complex things from less complex.

Life can create complex conscious human beings out of simple atoms!

The Universe wakes up through Life and is fighting its own death, which it is destined for.

Meaning of life is to fight this entropy. It’s the basis of all life. To grow. To progress. To turn simple matter around us into a complex and beautiful life.

This is why trees grow, animals struggle for survival and humans are overcoming their limitations and progressing. This is the inherent meaning of life we are all trying to find.

In our current knowledge — we humans are on the forefront of life. Our brains are the most complex objects in the universe and yet they are made out of the most common elements.

Imagine how will life look like in the future — ever more complex. Ever more beautiful. Ever more anti-entropic.