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Warning: Planets may not be in correct order 🤷

Today, I woke up in my childhood bedroom with the planets of the solar system still dangling above my headboard. After my morning shower, I trudge downstairs to eat breakfast with my fellow co-workers: mom and dad. I dine on my usual helping of cocoa puffs — a throwback to elementary school — while staring down the daily headlines of whatever sick, twisted nightmare we all find ourselves in.

When the clock strikes 10:30am, I wallow back to my childhood bedroom which will serve as my productivity command center for the next 10 hours. …

My high school teacher, Mrs. Henry, would always tell me that I’m a person with “ideas”.

Looking back, I’m not sure whether this was a compliment or a reflection of my proclivity for daydreaming and never getting anything done in class 🤔🤔

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Mrs. Henry wrote me this when I graduated high school!

Fast forwarding to today, I love tinkering with new products that get people excited and…dare I say…make the world a better place?

*cue dramatic music*

But along with tinkering, I also find myself constantly coming up with new ideas for how to improve the software we use everyday. …

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Image Source: The Verge

Bringing the world closer together

As of 2019, nearly 2.6 billion people use at least one of Facebook’s products every month — that’s well over a quarter of the entire human species (Singh 2019). The benefits of Facebook have led to a more globalized world brought closer together by the power of the internet. Distance is no longer a factor when it comes to connecting with friends and making new ones. News about current events, no matter how obscure, travels at the speed of light so Facebook’s users are always up-to-date with the latest developments, trends, and memes. …


David Lie-Tjauw

product manager at @Twitter | working on my bad back posture |

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