Bloggers to the Rescue
Alex Duvan

My question in terms of the tips in growing your audience despite your consistency and commitment is this…

How much time do you spend writing/researching your average post?

How much time are you spending going out there and actively promoting it?

If you spend 2 hours on an article, you should spend multiples of that on promoting and sharing it.

Of course it depends on the type of content, subject matter etc but I see so many people just publish their content on a platform and think the platform is enough to feed the content.

I’m not saying this is you, but those that do this are missing out.

It would help your audience growth much more to reduce the frequency of posts to once a fortnight and instead spend that saved time doing additional promotion.

I’m not just talking about social media sharing and syndication either, I’m taking about outreach and sharing your best content with the people you want to read it and who can potentially share it with their audience.

Just some ideas.

Working in any capacity alone at home can be lonely and it’s easy to doubt yourself.

I have worked alone from home for over 12 years so know this feeling all too well.