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I wrote an article a couple of years ago that I never published. It is called, “Pro-life people are hypocritical, immoral monsters.” I’ll never argue my proposition because if just one person sees the logic and hurts another human being, then I could not live with myself. Some arguments aren’t worth winning. Even suggesting such a thing might be a dog whistle to some unhinged nutjob looking for a defining moment. No, I am comfortable, though not happy watching pastors preach that abortion is murder and abortion in America is a holocaust. I am fine with prayer and single-issue voting being the application for the congregation, who goes to brunch after the sermon knowing they are righteous people because they vote for Republican. No need to upset that apple cart in a liberal, democratic, constitutional Republic, even though I would rather not hear the disingenuous swill and see the doctored pictures on the street during a parade. I know it is bad to be a hypocritical, immoral monster, but it is much better for the rest of us, if you just deny it and maintain the status quo.