Every Time I Date an Asian Guy, People Ask Me if He Has a Small Dick
Emma Lindsay

Happened onto your blog by Googling “hard Asian dicks.” I happen to have one so I thought I’d idle my time today by seeing what others think. Let me add my two cents or inches to the discussion, if I may. As an Asian I’ve been raised in a predominantly white culture. Yes, I’ve been told Asians have small dicks, but not as frequently as having hard dicks. And, also even less frequently is Asians have thick dicks. So, in order of frequency of Asian dick mentions, it goes like this: 1. Small dicks (about 90 times out of a 100); 2. hard dicks (six out of 100; and voila, 3. thick dicks (about four out of 100 times).

Over my lifetime of bedding various ladies of different ethnicities, by the time our sexual intimacies ended a vast majority of the ladies developed multiorgasmic tendencies. In my early 30’s, the time when the novelty of sexual couplings had evolved into sexual fulfillment, I discovered I could engage in the actual thrusting genital coupling for hours. Unfortunately, I could only cum once, but that thrusting action went on literally for hours. In those hours is when my lady partners developed multiorgasmic capacities. As a middle aged man who readily accepted challenges, I became immune to my affect on these partners. Several passed out from the orgasms. At first I thought I had attained some heretofore unmentioned goal in common literature: a female partner orgasming so many times she passes out. As these ladies’ feedback later apprised me, the act of passing out was not a hands up voucher for non-stop thrusting. I changed my sexual routine to that of a few hours less of thrusting.

With the ladies becoming multiorgasmic and my reading and hearing of the small Asian dick syndrome I was more puzzled as to why my own personal experiences didn’t match the common hearsay.

I then delved into the idea of hardness of the Asian dick. From most of everything I’ve read and seen the Asian dick is hard, very hard. This is more physics than anything else I could fathom. The smaller the object the harder it is. A physically big penis has more volume to fill, and the liquid that fills it is blood. Blood is NOT thick. It’s certainly not harder than the dick it goes into. So, instead of filling a liquid into a large dick, the larger dick just gets softer. The benefit of a small dick is now very apparent in terms of it’s ability to get hard. The small dick just has less capacity to be filled with a liquid, hence the dick’s natural size and capacity keeps it super hard.

And superhard it is. Yet, the duration of sexual thrusting and the superhard dick still didn’t answer all my questions as to why most, if not all, my female partners, before our first sexual liason were guarded to our next to our last liaison in which they were effusively enthusiastic. I deliberately ignored the last liaisons because of the inference that things were going bad in the relationships so no matter how good the sex is, the sex would have been last on the list of enjoyables to conduct between partners.

When I used condoms I’ve always bought the sampler packages. You know the ones with the ribs, the different tasting once, the neon colored ones that can be seen in a dark bedroom, etc. So I insensitive to size of the condoms. Rather, more the novelty of the condom types. It always took a while to roll them onto my erect penis, and when I was able to put them on, they were tight, tight tight.

Until one enlightened partner suggested I try a larger sized condom. I thought that was a rather demeaning suggestion since all the “larger” sized condoms were longer than the normal ones. I asked for clarification and she manually grabbed my manhood and said larger sized condoms not for length but for thickness. As she stroked my penis she uttered I needed Magnums for the thickness.

I went out to the local CVS and went to the pharmacy counter and asked where the Magnum condoms were. Unabashedly, I saw myself standing there in front of a white male pharmacist asking for Magnums. These Magnums were more expensive, but in my budget I can live with THAT extra expense.

Upon first use of the Magnums I found they fit perfectly around the circumference of my dick. Perfectly! With this freedom from constraint my penis was allowed to expand into vaginal canals that could literally accommodate birthing babies. My own sex life took a turn for a magnitude better experience.

The length of the Magnums was problematic. They were easily 50% longer than my dick. I found a way to use the extra length of each Magnum without cutting them in half and knotting one end of the two pieces to turn one Magnum into two short Magnums.

I found the extra length of the unadulerated Magnum could be rolled onto my uncircumcised penis after I retracted the foreskin. So, when the Magnum was on my penis, I could then roll my Magnum covered foreskin over the head of my penis. In this manner I was able to use the extra length of the Magnum.

Now, is it true that uncircumcised penises have benefits and features? Yes, unwaveringly yes. But that is another subject for another blog response.

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