Since the start of the pandemic, there has been a huge upsurge in conspiracy thinking everywhere, but especially in spiritual communities. What is going on? And what is the mainstream narrative failing to understand about both conspiracy and spirituality?

On May 4th, a new documentary trailer hit Facebook. Professionally cut and awash with slick Hollywood edits, Mikki Willis’ conspiratorial Plandemic came as the coronavirus was reaching a fever pitch.

Plandemic’s influence knew no political bounds. That the film was resisted and debunked by credentialed disease experts seemed to do little in slowing the spread.

But there was an unexpected…

Can our shared reality survive the onslaught of big tech?

At a time when existential threats loom large — and the need for a reasoned, pragmatic consensus arguably never greater — the tech firms carrying the conversation are profiting from our division. Through careful iteration and deliberate commercial policy, their business models have made us addicts of our newsfeeds and pawns in a game of polarisation. Yet these outcomes can only be self-terminating.

Tristan Harris has been called the “closest thing Silicon Valley has to a conscience.” After three years at Google as a Design Ethicist, he co-founded the…

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The pandemic has ramped up the intensity of our experience, as it stress tests individuals and societies. What began as a question of disease and quarantine, has since become a truly generational shock to the system. Major institutions and social structures are under question. Complacency and ‘normality’ are in the dock. Amid all the chaos of this altered state, how can we best emerge with our societies — and our minds — intact?

Stanislav Grof, a Czech psychiatrist and early pioneer of psychedelic therapy, suggests that drugs like LSD act as ‘non-specific amplifiers’ of experience…

It’s an extraordinary record of spiritual transformation in music, hidden in plain sight.

More than once, while in the middle of a deep meditation or transformational process, I would find myself singing songs I hadn’t heard in decades, dredged up from deep memories of adolescence. I’d often find that the words were exactly appropriate for the moment, a perfect guide from the subconscious. Invariably those songs would be from the band James.

I delved back into the music, and listened with new ears to songs that outlined the process of personal growth and awakening. …

This is a story of conspiracy, money and free speech that cuts to the heart of our current crisis. All the questions of how we make sense of the world, how we find truth and who we trust are being magnified in the midst of a global health crisis. Meanwhile dubious actors are cashing in on the confusion.

After years of saying they are not publishers, but platforms, the big tech companies are finally starting to take editorial responsibility for the content published on them, but are making heavy handed censorship decisions (the latest being to ban David Icke…

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As the Coronavirus pandemic takes up all available bandwidth for ourselves, and our communities, the US primary battle to find a challenger to Donald Trump seems like an irrelevance. It may well be, but I think there are important lessons to learn from the recent shifts in the race, and whether there are systematic flaws in our systems of making sense of the world.

This article is aimed at a specific audience, the communities that Rebel Wisdom is part of, sometimes loosely described as the ‘meta-web’, the ‘sensemaking web’ or similar. They are communities based around systems change, personal growth…

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left to right: Charlie Taylor, Mai Hua, David Fuller, Jerry Hyde

For this international Men’s Day, I was asked to take part in a discussion about my friend Jerry Hyde’s new film ‘Meetings With Remarkable Men’.

Jerry is a rock star psychologist who’s dedicated his life to running men’s groups, where men come together, every two weeks, some for as long as twenty years, to talk about their lives with other men.

The film, made with female director Mai Hua, is an intimate portrait of some of the men from these groups. …

This article accompanies Rebel Wisdom’s new series of films on the subject

How can we even begin to understand and solve our biggest problems if our conversations about them keep breaking down?

The growing polarisation of western societies started before social media, but it is continuing to accelerate —as more and more of us retreat into ideological camps and see the “other side” as at best irrational, at worst, mortal enemies.

As the evolutionary biologist Bret Weinstein pithily explains, our current situation means “you can’t dance with the one that brought you”. Meaning, in evolutionary terms, many of our innate…

Rebel Wisdom’s video take

The new advertisement from Gillette has acted as the latest lightning rod for the culture war, racing to over thirteen million views in less than four days, but also an unprecedentedly negative reaction on YouTube with over 750,000 dislikes and highly negative comments.

The reaction seems to have taken many by surprise, who simply don’t understand why anyone could disagree with what they see as the central message of the ad, that men should evolve to a masculinity that ditches some of the ‘toxic’ behaviours of the past.

Some have concluded that the reception of the…

Rebel Wisdom’s video where we try to make sense of all this

For an outside observer, the most significant characteristic of the ongoing controversy and fallout from the Kavanaugh nomination to the Supreme Court is how fundamentally divorced the twin narratives have become, and how little communication seems possible or even attempted across the divide.

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Into this maelstrom stepped Jordan Peterson and other members of the ‘Intellectual Dark Web’, with Peterson receiving the most sustained and intense criticism he has received from his own supporters for a tweet in which he suggested that Kavanaugh should step down if he was…

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