Speaking as an SQA, I wish all developers would start off in QA, so that they understand the…
Harley Faggetter

You know, I don’t disagree with that — in fact, it would be nice if all developers could try their hand in the shoes of another department at some point, for some empathy if nothing else — but I think the objection is more one based on having people apply for QA under what feels like false pretenses. They don’t want to work as a tester…what they really want to do is X.

It’s a bit like that guy who dates you not because they’re interested in you, but because they really want to go out with your sister.

Thing is, at BioWare some of the best devs originally worked in QA and were eventually promoted, so I’m not knocking it as a valid path. I think it’s more related to intention.

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