Workers are Advocating for an Advocate.

What workers are missing today is a voice. There is plenty of noise. Login to your twitter account or facebook, and the noise and opinions are endless. The noise we face today is loud, annoying, and worthless. Workers show up to do the job they were hired to do, but the noise of politics and policies drowns out the voice of the worker. My grandfathers had a voice in their work environments, it was a union. The democratic voice of the worker spoke and an agreement was reached with management. I’m not advocating for unions. What am I advocating for?

  • I’m advocating for an advocate
  • An individual willing to stand between employee and employer
  • An individual willing to engage emotionally
  • An individual that reveals inner vulnerability
  • An individual willing to see both sides of the story
  • An individual not blinded by employee or employer prejudice
  • An individual willing to advocate for both sides so that a resolution can be reached

Why am I advocating for an advocate?

  • Workers are missing a voice
  • Employers are making noise
  • Greed is good
  • Morality is for the weak
  • Workers want more by doing less
  • Employers want more by giving less
  • Neither party sees the others view

We need advocates in the workplace. Outsiders are needed to willingly come into your business or organization and reveal the vulnerabilities that both sides hold. A common dialogue should be present between the owner and the custodian. We believe in communication, so we make noise. We often don’t stop to listen to a single voice. Are you listening for the voice in your organization?