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Ten years ago my sister told me about a German spiritual teacher named Eckhart Tolle that I had to check out. After watching one of his talks on Youtube I was hooked.

I subscribed to his website and have been listening to him regularly ever since. In fact, for many years I have listened to fifteen minutes of his talks as preparation for my daily meditation practice.

Why? Why did Eckhart have such a strong influence on me? And on so many millions of others around the globe?

It’s not only his teachings

I submit that it is only partially because of the spiritual concepts he espouses. Yes, I love his articulation of how and why we are not our thoughts and as such should not identify with them. And yes, I love his emphasis on the power humans can gain from accessing and living in the present moment. …

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Do you ever feel like you’re going about your business when the world invariably pulls you in and pumps you full of stress? You didn’t ask for it. It just happens. When it does, what we’re doing is allowing ourselves to become of the world, not in it.

What’s the difference? Being in the world means you have a life like anybody else — a job, family (or not), interests, etc. …

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When we get a tickly throat, runny nose or a cough we assume we have a cold coming on. So what do we do? We drink fluids, down some Nyquil and take it easy. And we don’t go on that five mile run in thirty degree weather we’d planned on.

We can use this same construct for personal, spiritual growth. How so?

Vesuvius on the road

Let’s take an example. You’re driving along and somebody suddenly cuts into your lane. You react by leaning on your horn and screaming at the top of your lungs, at nobody in particular because nobody can hear you, “Way to go you F&^%ING A*&HOLE!!!” …


David Gerken

Meditation and Mindfulness teacher. Dad of three crazy kids. Former Washington, DC political aide and Writer for THE WEST WING. Follow me at davidgerken.net.

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