The Selfish Immortal Blockchain Token
Ethereum's AI

Awesome analysis, thank you. Your internet of blockchains = internet of contracts = internet of tokens can be further abstracted to internet of securities where security = any asset whose title is managed on a blockchain.

The point you make about the fungibility of blockchains and assets is important. If assets are currency backed (even in utility coins, ETH ultimately is a currency backing the productive assets in use on its network), then the value that we assign to those assets is currency backed. Likewise, the currency we hold determines the resources that we pay our attention to. Your post nicely describes an architecture for liquidity in the coming attention economy.

I could use your help. I am working on a project to find the full value in art assets via blockchain securities. If we can build an open base-layer, with an art-asset backed currency, massive value could be stored and traded. returning to your thesis, I think it’s important because it refocuses the blockchain effort on ‘better’ assets — that can sustain value indefinitely and potentially sustain humanity.

I’m interested in receiving proposals for the blockchain architecture for Better Assets for a Better World: