21 Must-Have Tools to Get Started in Salesforce

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If you are relatively new to the Salesforce platform, or simply never had the time or resources to get up to speed, the tools below will help you get up to speed quickly:

  1. Getting Started webinars
  2. Getting Started archived recordings
  3. Adoption 101 webinars
  4. Circles of Success (Small Group Clinics)
  5. Getting Started — Administering Salesforce
  6. Navigating Salesforce
  7. Using the Sales Cloud
  8. Reports & Dashboards
  9. Introduction to Chatter
  10. Using Salesforce1
  11. Salesforce Success Community — Getting Started Group
  12. Free Salesforce Developer Account
  13. Salesforce Trailhead
  14. Salesforce Cheat Sheets
  15. Need help logging in to Salesforce?
  16. Need help adding & managing users?
  17. Want to learn how to create custom fields?
  18. Need help importing data?
  19. Explore how to integrate Salesforce with Outlook
  20. Check out the Salesforce YouTube channel
  21. Subscribe to our favorite Salesforce-related blogs via Feedly

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