Donald Trump Forever!
by D.G. Soma
Well not Trump himself, but the video clip
of him saying “WRONG”.

For the last year this nation has been on an emotional
rollercoaster-Funhouse. While waking up in the morning
and having made a quick stop to the smallest room in my
apartment, now is the time to turn on my computer. I
say computer because I threw my television set out the
window 14 years ago. Sorry about that to the people
below. “WRONG” Just kidding I was living on an alley
at that time, so sorry to the homeless guy below.
“WRONG” It is not an easy task for me to turn the
computer on, for one thing my home page is the
Associated Press web site in the back of my
mind I know for a fact that the lead story is going to
be “Unarmed Black man shot by police”, or “Trump say
nation should deport all Mexicans, Muslims, Blacks,
Gays and Native Americans”
or “Wiki leaks leaked that
Hillary Clinton checked her Emails before going to bed
in her underwear.” “WRONG”
. Actually she sleeps
naked. Yeah I went there, try and get that image out
of your mind. I was born in the 1950s’ or put it another
way on another planet. “WRONG” If those people were
here today they would beg for the directions to the
nearest gun shop, or ask “is there a really high bridge
in this town? It doesn’t have to have water under it,
it just has to be high.” “WRONG” O.K. case in point.
It is 11:55am here of the West Coast and honest to
goodness I just looked over at my other computer which
is set on Yahoo news and the headline reads “Trump :
‘We should take a drug test’.”
(sniffff) It is like
waking up in a “Nightmare on Elm Street” movie”.
“WRONG” Anyway my point is this. I can not wait until
November 9th so that I may crawl out from under my bed
and put this election behind me. The only memory that I
wish to keep is the clip of Donald Trump from the first
debate when he kept interrupting by saying “WRONG”.
Of course if trump wins it doesn’t matter whether I am
under the bed or sitting horrified at my computer. If
Trump wins me, my bed, and the building we exist in
will soon be vaporized.

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