How to hack Endless Lake for Messenger

I saw that one of my Facebook friends (Kevin Zhang) had a crazy high score on Endless Lake (an awesome and addicting game if you haven’t tried it!) and as a former and future Facebook intern, I wanted to figure out how to get a score that high. I googled around and couldn’t find any Infinite Lake score hacks, so I decided to write this.

I figured out that the code wasn’t in the HTML after command+f-ing some key words, so it must be in the sources tab (I use Chrome generally). I went into the sources tab and opened the game, and a new folder popped up called index.html.

Step 1: Go to view->Developer->Developer Tools

Step 2: Smash that Sources tab

Step 3: Open Endless Lake in Facebook Messenger

Step 4: find index.html->apps->instant-bundle->game.min.js

Find this file!

I then scrolled through it and found the variable bestScore — pretty suspicious… Also a lot of the code is written in Spanish which is interesting.

Just change the line below (7817 in my build but command+f through bestScore if it changes)

this.score > this.bestScore && (this.bestScore = this.score, parseInt(localStorage.setItem(“bestScore”, “” + this.bestScore))), Api.Score.submit(this.score), this.GameOver = new game.gameover(this, !0), this.addObject(this.GameOver)


true, Api.Score.submit(ARBITRARY NUMBER HERE), this.GameOver = new game.gameover(this, !0), this.addObject(this.GameOver)

Replace “ARBITRARY NUMBER HERE” with whatever score you want. Don’t forget to save after you edit the snippet (command+s)!

Then just play the game a few times without reloading the page and it will update your score.

Shout out to Andrew Benson (&rew Bennieners)

I found this exploit in about 20 minutes so there’s probably a more elegant method. This could be easily detected if Facebook checked the hash of the file, but I understand why they would not want to go through the effort of detecting exploits in games.

That’s All Folks!