“I’m Not To Blame” — President Issues Blanket Excuse For Any Problem In 2019
Allan Ishac

Allan, let’s test this new strategy by applying it to a particular crime, for example, murdering Cock Robin:

“This is crazy. I didn’t kill Cock Robin” then tomorrow morning the MIC (Megalomaniac-In-Chief) Tweets:

“I had nothing to do with Cock Robin’s murder” then the next day:

“Stupid D.A. is a lightweight fool. I didn’t kill Cock Robin” then the next day,

“Cock Robin’s so-called murder is Fake News. Might not even be dead” then the next day,

“I don’t even know who Cock Robin is. How could I kill him?” then the next day,

“I am completely, 100% innocent of murdering Cock Robin” then the next day:

“Cock Robin’s murder–Who’s completely innocent? Me!”

And finally:

“You can’t prove anything! Nobody saw me do it.”

Clearly, a brilliant strategy. The MIC’s really on top of his game with this one.

— David Grace