Why in the World Would I Need a Backup Generator?

Food Service Businesses

Whether you have a restaurant, a grocery store, a produce stand, or a meat market, your inventory of perishable items will begin to spoil within just a few hours. Restaurants and bars will also miss out on the extra business they can pick up from people whose homes have lost power if they don’t have a backup source of energy to power their stoves, ovens, and ice makers.

Data-Driven Businesses

Law offices, medical offices, and therapists deal with confidential information on a daily basis. Without access to case files, these offices will not be able to help their clients during a power outage. With a backup generator, however, these businesses can conduct business as usual, even if the power is out for days or weeks.


Most schools and universities conduct at least some of their classwork using electronic devices. Whether they use PowerPoint presentations during lectures or assign homework to be completed on an online platform, educational institutions could benefit from a backup generator. Furthermore, without a backup source of power, the school will not be able to operate their climate control system. If the temperature inside the school becomes intolerably cold or sweltering, students will have a hard time concentrating on the subject at hand. Educational institutions, therefore, should make room in their budget for a backup generator, especially if they live in an area that has frequent storms.

Homes With Young Children, Special Needs, or Elderly Family Members

If you have young children living in your home, not having access to power may force you to seek a community shelter, particularly if the temperature in the home poses a risk for hypothermia or heat stroke. Similarly, elderly family members are more vulnerable to temperature extremes and may depend upon electronic equipment, such as lift chairs, for their mobility. Special needs family members may also be dependent on equipment powered by electricity. Hospital beds, machines that assist in breathing, and medication pumps may not function if the power loss lasts beyond the backup batteries’ power. If your family has members who depend on electricity for their well-being, consider purchasing a backup generator to make sure your family is safe in the event of a long-term power loss.

Community Institutions

During an emergency, it is essential that houses of worship, community centers, and shelters have power. After all, these institutions are where displaced citizens go for shelter when the power goes off in their homes, or if their home has been flooded or destroyed during a storm. To make sure that the people in the community have access to services, it is essential for these community buildings to have a backup source of power during times of crisis.
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