Polling and Labour’s prospects
Owen Jones

I think some harsh realities need to be faced with a bit of honesty. Let’s face the facts instead of tolerating peddled mythology about 1983. The PLP has behaved shamefully. Corbyn has been attacked by them, not since Brexit, but since the moment he entered office. Too many have hidden behind claims of abuse, when the abuse of the accountable has almost entirely been against Corbyn. With the quality of the message that has been put out by the PLP from the off, it was blindingly obvious that Labour could achieve nothing in the polls to date.

Without Corbyn the Party would have fallen into irrelevance. Putting the blame at Corbyn’s feet has been a disingenuous sham by desperate outdated ideologues who, unable to account for their own inelectability, with indignant self-destructiveness, successfully manipulated an old powerbase of subservient MPs who they installed and who had been groomed to believe they were more important than the Labour movement as a whole.

There are grand old people in the party who can still redeem themselves, but need calling out instead of being treated like left wing Royalty — I think of Chris Mullin. Sadiq Khan needs to stop acting like royalty wallowing inside the powerbase of his M25 moat and admit Corbyn was indespensible in his own electoral success. The likes of Chuka Umuna need to be told loud and clear to button up and get on board. And Stella Creasy needs to face how damaging her behaviour has been and demonstrate an about turn, as she is clearly a very capable MP and bright prospect.

Without calling people out directly and giving them an opportunity to respond positively, rather than just shrugging then you are right — Labour has NO chance.

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