Tigers option Rondon, purchase Jimenez
Jason Beck

A classic matchup today; Sale was a little sharper than JV, but not by much. Starters have been above average in all but one of the first six. Glad to see Bruce go down to find himself or find his fastball. Looking forward to seeing Jiminez in his debut. Another game with not much hitting, but perseverance paid off. Don’t shortchange the Twinks; they are much better than last year; must be ready to rumble. Three nice things about today’s game.

  1. J Wilson’s emergence as a solid 8 man.
  2. Andrew Romine has found the “Fountain of Hitting”. This just didn’t start today; been this way the whole spring.
  3. Jacobey might not have hit Sale, but he can roam center field on cruise control.

Kudos to JV, Ian, and Nicholas, who made up for the error with the game winning RBI off Sale. Frankie also manage to get her done today. Looking forward to Julio’s return; still think Mahtook becomes the odd man out. when JD gets back.

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