Justin Upton added to All-Star Game
Jason Beck

Doesn’t it amaze everyone that Cleveland has a Pen which accepts its role; keep the led. The Tigers however, being always behind by a run or two when the pen comes in ,has a different mindset; give up enough runs where there’s no chance to come back. Right now I am nauseated by this team. And Al Avila needs to shoulder most of the blame for this mess. Don’t forget Pelfry, Frankie, trading Maybin,Moya, the next big star. You have a GM who couldn’t spot talent if it was staring him down. I am also sick of the line that the team will come around; they get 5 hits in two successive starts by Clevenger of all people. If they are not embarrassed, then I am for them. I would be shocked if we really get any solid talent with what we have to offer. Oh well, back to the days of Shane Halter and Nate Cornejo once again. Other than Fulmer, Avila, and BJ, tell me another bright spot ; well I did leave out Julio and Justin W who will both be gone. No doubt Stunf is primed to finish the season as Closer. Finally, I apologize for my rude, arrogant, and condescending attitude expressed tonight; I do love the guys, but they are killing me softly with their love.

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