Wednesday’s lineups: Tigers vs. M’s
Jason Beck

Nick looked like the third sacker on my last 12 yr. old Rec Team. Felt sorry for him; he has to work on getting better every day. Team is in total chaos right now. Our Bull Pen is the laughing stock of MLB. Amazed that our guys don’t throw strikes; and the Sox guys come in throwing 99 and walk nobody. Unless we get a huge lead the next couple of games, The ChiGuys will sweep. The offense is also non existent, along with no defense and no pen. This team will be so far behind in June, that the wrecking ball begins:

  1. After a rough start, Boyd pitched a great game.
  2. The stop by Avila on the Wilson pitch in the 8th.
  3. The 6–2–3 DP with the bases loaded

Kudos to Matt, and JUp for giving us an early lead. After that the bats webt dead. We even made Mike look half way decent. How deprssing can this ride be?

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