Thursday’s game rained out
Jason Beck

Surely, Frankie will be released tomorrow. The changeup fools no one.

A game we should easily have won, Many times; no clutch hitting from the big bats; left the winning run on third twice; Nothing from Casty, JUp, or Collins, who is basically done. Justin Wilson gets a pass; everyone blows a game; how ironic that tonight the former closer, does his usual show, and is the loser; poetic justice one might say. Nothing against Frankie, but he does not have it anymore; nor does Anabal; we need pitching help for these two bench warmers. Can’t stand Showalter or Chris Davis. I no nothing, but I knew if we didn’t win in the 10th, we were done. Great comebacks, but no pitching doomed us; and the O’s didn’t have much better. The number of runners squandered amazed me. A Season changing loss, I must say. So was there anything to like:

  1. Bell can pitch.
  2. We have a knack for fighting back; I didn’t get down at 7–1 based on the Oriole pitcher. Again too many runners left.
  3. Julio Martinez is trying to carry the team in Miggy’s absence.

Kudos to Victor, Iggy D, Julio, Alex A, Bell, and Shane Greene. If we can’t win with Fulmer tomorrow, O’s sweep with Z-Man on the rubber. They’ll hit him like a drum. Man I am down after this disaster.

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