Sanchez accepts assignment to Toledo
Jason Beck

The win one, lose two streak continues, but at least it stopped the bleeding for the moment. An entertaining game, but it shows how desperately we need a power bat from the left side. Every team now has pitchers with lights out stuff, and most are rightys. We meed to really address that issue. Good time to give Casty a chance to regroup. Didn’t know Julio would be out too. Collins finally got his 1–20 hit which was a good one. This was Daniel’s best outing in a long time. Keeps us 4 behind the amazing Twinkies. Would be great to see JV strut his stuff and get out of town with a split:

  1. Iggy has his best offensive game of the year.
  2. Houston had one guy on after the third.
  3. Were able to score four runs with no RBI hits involved.

Kudos to Daniel, Shane again, and Iggy whose homer came off of a 12 pitch AB. Also to Alex for calling a very good game. Stay away from Kate JV; time to square it up tomorrow. Also, Upton’s huge catch in the 8th. was key.

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