Thursday’s lineups: Tigers vs. Twins
Jason Beck

Today’s game, I think, should leave no doubt that Sanchez is done; His outing essentially took us out of the game. The Twinks had extra BP off of him. Time to move on to Farmer or Verhagen as long relief/fill in starter. I hate it for Anabal, but it just ain’t there anymore:

Three things to like about today’s game

  1. Really good game for Iggy; 3–4 good AB’s.
  2. Hopefully, Miggy and J-Up are awakening from a long slumber; can’t beat Cleveland without 3–6 being more productive.
  3. We can argue about using or not using Joe today; the bottom line is we finally saw his potential.

Kudos to Greene, Collins, and Jacoby. Z-Man looked totally uncomfortable. Every ball that Anabal threw was screaming, “Hit me!”

Hopefully, our year with the Tribe will be totally different.

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