Thursday’s game rained out
Jason Beck

Well, Frankie is back; how about that one scoreless inning; I tremble in fear that one more clean inning will have Rod declaring that Frankie is back and ready to close again. Leave him in the mop up role. Don’t be lured into that false narrative that he still has it. Frankie got the last out to a good win for our guys. If we can get J D back, maybe we can see what we have:

  1. Michael Fulmer is worth his weight in gold.
  2. Iggy/Kinsler defense was insane.
  3. JMac has had two solid plate games in a row.

Kudos to Ian, JUp, Michael, and Shane. I still stand amazed at Upton’s homers. Would be great to see Jordon finally have a really solid game. Key to the game was keeping Trout and Pujols hitless.