5 More Years for Vaping!

As the Higher Power would say if asked: why have you gone the way of David Gross? From what anyone knows, his luck not only sucks, but when he get’s involved in anything: crash and burn no matter how good it “Looks” at points.

People lie to me constantly including wives and 3 female children and anyone I knew from my past in my General Area.

Not from K through College. But that was a lot of years ago. I realize my self diagnosed Dyslexia is way worse that when I was 25 years yonger.

One thing that now is finally in my favor. Except for a few old and new friends, I have now been forgotten. I will be famous, but not as me. Like the actor I am and will be, I take joy in playing parts.

I will put it this was as one of my hundreds of trainers, live, taped, cd’d and DVD’d and what ever way you can learn. Not for the past 17 years mind you… but I am open at any time to learning. What I will not go for is someone that says my ideas are no good, but no alternative suggestion is advanced.

I don’t need to make money here or anywhere. My true love and money is the Musical Play I wrote for Broadway about 10 years ago. It took me 2 years to write and will be self produced when it is ready once I have earned my “Colonel Sanders” paying for what I want.

See, if I give this to Judd Apatow and the Jewish League… how much of it will I really get to keep and do? He is the rich side of the Jewish People. I am twice his age. I am more along the lines of Mel Brooks, the next chapter.

I am the Howard Stern Generation starting from WNBC AM in New York in my AM Radio 1977 Buick Regal and took him right to FM 94.1 WYSP here and KRock in NY.

I owe Howard more than he will ever realize as I don’t make him public too much. At one point when I was younger and in the DJ/Private Party type thinking in the 70’s, 80’s and until 1993 when CD’s took over. I claimed that I would be Howard, only a cleaner version. Now with his 2nd wife, he has it all. No more bad stuff, just words like fuck. You got to hand it to him. He made the Radio DJ more wealthy than any TV Show or Movie. He cannot play anything else as when he does not act, he does his best work.

You will not hear me putting down who made me including Allan Richwall and Thomas Kachelriess and Tom Dziedowicz and Mark Lunsk. \He worked with Tom.

Those were the ones that helped me with my appraising Chops.

Hal Weinberg of Purple Haze Disc Jockeys hired me in 1978 out of HS to be a party DJ and by 1980, I opened up Disc Jockeys Unlimited.

Meeting Jay made it so I could finally leave that God Forsaken horrible appraisal think. It does not deserve a capital.

I know Walt and Susan have the ability to look at how many times I have had to change my Gigs over the years they have known me since 6th Grade.

If I had it my way, I would say it finally will pay off. Because I am just some dumb schmuck… I will hold my cards closet to the vest.

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