A blank page

This takes us all the way back to the Stone Age People. Of course, for those that follow the Bible it is a lie. For me, the form evolving to who we are today and having items in our body that are not needed as well as Dinosaur bones. When I come to think about it… are there full cave people bones? Even though I am not sure as when you go to the Museum of Natural history in Philly or wherever you are on the Map of the World… which all has the internet at this point… there must be bones that prove the evolution from them to us. When I think of a larger skull, I would think of protection from rocks and things hitting it, almost like a Football helmet.

But, I don’t know shit. I have no right to write anything and only do because I have the most lousy life that anyone could ever dream. I wear the Archie Bunker Moniker with love. The World needs clowns to make the Court laugh. They were called “Jesters” at that point and I think the idea was to say funny things to take the Kings mind off of all the killing and savage type existence that they led.

In our time, before electricity was not invented, but harnessed by people such as Thomas Alva Edison from Menlo Park, New Jersey with the light bulb. We had Old Ben Franklin flying his kite in a thunder storm with a key. Today, he would have been fried, but back then, it was the harnessing of electricity. Like air, water, gravity and the World spinning, there are events that take place that we are unaware of. Do we need to think of them or they won’t work? I hope the fuck not. (That fuck there was a Donald Trump tribute. I salute our 45th President with one of he beloved words). Boy, did he take “Political Correctness” and flush it down the terlet? I say Yeah!

Do I ever have to write it… no. Do I ever have to speak it.. no. As a matter of fact he has affected my writing more than my speech. The problem about talking is that there is no record unless some scribe is writing it down or it is being taped. All modern methods. The 1st must have been writing with carbon paper beneath so you could make more than 1 at the same time. Take it from there to the “Ditto” Machines that I had when I was the “Sunday Secretary” after I had my Bar Mitzvah at Temple Sinai at Cinn City that I am happy to say is not only there, but for me, a new addition that I never was a part of. The funny thing is that I played back there and never had the large Temple Building. We had a modest humble Synagogue when I was growing up and now… only been around for about 30 years.. they built on more.

From Ditto to Main Frame Computer to Home Computer and to the life we lead today where the 286 Computer that I started with in 1985 may have been just as powerful or more than the ones that took the men to the Moon. Now that we have the most cool tech. on Earth, no one wants to spend any money to go there. In 1969 I was 9 years old and the impact that Neil Armstrong saying “One small step for man. One giant Leap for Mankind” still brings chills to me as I experienced it live. Like seeing what seemed like 10 years of the original Star Trek… but actually was 2 years, seen by me every Friday night at Gramamester’s home, the true place of unconditional love. But she never acted that way. She is the Master that taught me non verbally to watch what people do, not what they say. She put it this way: “Take them as you find them.”

Boy, aren’t those heavy words to a self help dude that was on the LRH / EST/Wayne Dyer/Deepak Chopra/Tom Hopkins/Insight and so many like Alan Watts who died in 1973 when I was only 13… but left so much rich translation and meditation and let’s not forget the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and his teacher Guru Dev. All from the Center in Philly run by Robert who is a loving soul who while the Maharishi was alive, made it cost effective to add TM to your life and get a final goal of having a brief moment of no thought. I say it a lot, but in order to have a choice, you need to have done other things so that you have something to gauge it by. If you just do stuff and say: I chose it. Remember, saying anything does not make it true, even for yourself. If, when put into use it does not stand up, it is crap.

The problem with a Society in general as they “Tout” themselves as always being right. The other question that I keep putting out there is how come people are only concerned with where you go to when you die and I cannot think of 1 of my teachers that talk about where you came from before you were born.

For me, both answers are easy and are the same. After putting knowledge into all Religions I have been confronted with, none being stronger than: Born Again Christian. I gave up the chance to become a “Completed Jew” like the others in the Church leading the Passover Seder, using the Hagadah which is the book that takes you through the pain death and other fun things until the Lord walked us out of slavery in Egypt, only to wind up wandering the desert for 40 years, instead of the 40 days it would have taken had they not wandered around and around.. much like a Merry Go Round.

The way I understand it is that somewhere in those 40 years, Mo… sorry Moses turned on God for a short time, doubting his job and being slow of tongue and speech per his own words.. that people get upset when they know the journey is walking around in circles, passing the Promised Land and the main reason: God wanted all of the non believing Jews to be dead before they made it to Jerusalem. The last scene in the Movie with gun lover. Boy, I am drawing a blank. I cannot change this and don’t want to look it up as it is a guy who’s movies, especially the Planet of the Apes… had such a big impact on me. Judah “Ben Hur” which was touching and so many more. I have to Google this and when I come back, I will be upset with myself that for my generation including the “Omega Man” where he dies in a cement water flow thingey…. and I am not looking that word up. In the Hermitage in Leningrad.. which it will still be for me as my 1978 visit. I got it: Charleton Heston. Case Closed.

Let me end my long and thought provoking day by saying that before the word is put down on an empty piece of whatever you want to write on, thoughts are whirling around like violent storms. Your mind picks one up and puts down the thought into writing and now… you have created history. No history if there is not a mechanism to capture it to be able to be duplicated.

It still comes down to that simple of a thought. People have thoughts that they have not lived the life they chose. In front of them, as in front of me… an open page, ready to go where you are willing to take it. Because of all I have been through, I am really pushing the pencil. First comes the thought. Capture it and write it down. From there, you are done unless like I am doing, you can explain and flesh out certain details you did not mention in this top section.

From No where to Now here. That is all it takes. Is courage involved? I think if there was a large audience, it would be harder for some that have not taken the Dale Carnegie course that taught you to speak directly from your heart. I don’t know what that means, but when I write these days, nothing is left unsaid. If I think it… it will be out here. Some people may be scared. I can assure you, it took me a long time and lots of courses and money. But nothing like what it cost for Scientology which Leah Remini says is a 1/4 million dollars. I can think of anything other than giving them 1 penny. I think she will not only cut their revenue, but she will bring them to their knees. She is a lifer with them, having no real choice as a teenager and to pay all of the millions for causes once she made it… for them to say even 1 bad word shows that this is not only not a Church… but is something I want no parts of. Oh, I can’t wait to give you all of my money and lose the relationships I have in live and then be bad mouthed by all of you and bugged and bothered by many more. Oh, you forgot all of those Millions so fast? They can say: you got to write it off, you would have paid it in taxes. I know tons of legitimate places to go that save Children and animals throughout the World and the USA is the Leadership roll.

To take a blank page and do what LRH and Dave Miscavige have done is to make a mockery of Religion as there is nothing in the World so costly and it drains you of your life under the hiding Trojan Horse of “Fixing the World.” LRH should have first fixed his black front bottom teeth from cigarettes. Oh, and he just dropped his body and is working on the Next OT9 could it be? Leah is also saying that Dave is making new OTs. I bet LRH is spinning in his grave. He wrote millions of pages… as that was what he did. I will write here and then go on. It was his life and he lived it. Dave was just at the right place at the right time and brought “Tax Free” back to the Church. It should never have been put that way: we were given Actual Church Status back which is for all Non Profit Churches. But how much does the most expensive Synagogue, Mosque or any other place of worship charges any where near what Scientology charges? Big Zero. It is a Ponzi Scheme. No one can ever check on it.

Lastly, think of the Catholic Church that all of the plate passing winds up going to the Vatican in Italy. But I guarantee you that they are not living it up as we would find out. With CNN and news being instant around the World, I just don’t understand why my Dad’s lifetime Job of working for the IRS does not smell money that is overwhelming to any middle class or poor person. Only the rich and they use it as a write off. They own tons of buildings in Clearwater Florida and I think they don’t have to pay 1 penny in tax.

They had me holding the 2 soup cans for almost 2 hours before I answered what my Dad did without even knowing what their status was a Church as I was not looking for any religion. I was looking to go clear by getting rid of my engrams and all of this is in the Book and original tapes he made that still can be used and you get out cheap. Just don’t go past there. Why would you even want to? Who these days with all of the killings in the World believes that you and Scientology will stop it all? The joke is on them. I only say this because I am a free man that never would have agreed to those joker rules. No questioning anything or you are kicked out… I am not even in and I’m out. Is any grown up really that mindless. Rhetorical.

Put a blank page in front of you and let your thoughts soar. Don’t let anyone control your mind. In my opinion, all that we have is based on history and the original recording was hand with stick to wall which in the final analysis looks a lot like a blank piece of paper and pen!