David Gross

A fun 4 minute read with all of the trimmings: we introduced “Jaytime,” the new part of my writing where we ponder the 66 year old straight and funny man. What I love is that it was not pre planned. My mind just thought: if I had help, this would not take my whole day thinking of a topic. With this new Jaytime feature to my writing, I can go back and fourth about ideas we have pondered and ponder some more for him to read. Wow, that is almost too much to give to you… but, over these “Rachel, Love Godess” meetings, I have been lulled into a sense of fantasy. I feel like he is Rorke (Loved Fine Corintian Leather) and I am Tatoo (Little dude that only says “Look, de plain, de plain.” I would have hated to tell the little guy that it was spelled Plane. He was talking “Cream Cheese” and I was talking about this weeks Guests to “Fantasy Island.” Only for Jay and older dudes like me. Younin’s eventually will see it in a new form or Movie. God forbid they should use new topics for TV and Movies. Too hard to think and the real stuff most times seems unbelievable.

So, there you have it, a fine Saturday Night in Philadelphia. By, the by… those who hate winter may wanna make their way here…. 65 degrees today with only 1 “Pussy” type snow. There is another good example of a word and thanks to our Glorious Heil Trump, or Her Trump if you don’t feel like making him Dictator and somehow you wind up in an oven, or being fed to Franz and Fritz and Blondee, the Fuhrer Trump’s favorite doggies.