Altus: Sucks worst in World Atomizer

I wrote to Vaping Royalty, where I purchased this “Monstrosity” of an item, but it would not let me copy what I wrote.

I told them the same story I told here, only I said that: if anyone there had used this item, they would have seen that you only get a little vapor and no flavor at 75 Watts, the highest this was supposed to go. I also let them know that over 6 years ago when I started, maybe there would have been something this horrible on the market, but I have never had any coil made by me or purchased that not only did I ever go to 75 Watts, but had I on any coiled item, I would burn the juice and have a horrid flavor.

The Altus gives no flavor and for what you would have to heat it to for vapor, you will burn all of your batteries out and still not be satisfied.

I am going to consider this my final evaluation. I put it onto a Mechanical Mod and even then, it did nothing until I vaped and vaped and I think the feeling I had was light in the head from breathing so hard. Guo should be shot and then his Dad after. That was a joke. Guo does do a video on Youtube. He did say he did not vape. Boy, no truer words were ever said. This does not get Vaping Royalty and other Companies off the hook. It’s not the money. You would gladly pay one hundred and nineteen dollars for something that worked. This not only does not work, it makes you love coiled attys so much that you will never trust these “Hair Growing Potion for people who are completely bald” again. May this device be recalled and never heard from again.