Anthony “Dikpik” Weiner

I did not know his soon to be ex wife is the top aide to Hillary. But Trump is so typical saying that the Country is in trouble of all the things the wife, Abu… or something like that… told him so that Hillary can take more on her back.

This is the 1st election I have followed and I cannot make out who is going to win. Whoever does, 1 thing is certain: they are both disliked. There is not a good choice here.

When this goes on and on with only the Election to stop this Presidential Stupidity, I just cannot wait.

Smart money goes to Trump just because there is a chance that Real Estate can come back. With Hillary, she is going to keep the Dodd-Frank Act and all of the takedown appraiser things as well as make Realtors rethink what they are doing for a living. Without a “Niche,” there is hardly making money in Real Estate.

It used to be the item that took us from poor to middle class and from middle class into wealth. Now, not only is there no help, but there was loss for about 5 years and to get back to the numbers we were at overall in the USA in 2005, it may take 5 to 10 years more to get back to where we were. The least that is going on is that the days of guaranteed making equity from your home is gone. If you do make something, consider yourself lucky.

Meanwhile, I don’t think there is any easy answer to the people who were not rich before 2007 and continue to be rich. Us working poor are now on a trek to work 3 times as hard for less than it was with 1 job.

God help the USA.