Avery/Darssey Cases

Netflix has come out of the Documentary thing with a “Bang.” Many of you may know about this, but like many, I don’t know what to think or do.

Steven Avery was put in jail for 18 years and 6 was for burning the family cat, the other 12 was for molesting a rich woman on the beach in Wisconsin. After OJ, they used DNA and proved Steven did not do the Rich Woman and was let out of prison and became a “Hero.” The Governor and everyone was so happy that justice finally was served due to the new DNA. There was a new law that was the Avery Law with his name directly in the Act signed by the Governor.

2 years after he is let go, Theresa Holbach was last seen at Steven Avery’s home taking photos for a Car Sale Magazine. Steven lived and owned a 40 acre lot that had many junk cars. 1 had a few tree limbs on it and it was Theresa Holbach’s Toyota Rav4 and was found by 2 people combing his lot.

Then, after the law went into Steven’s trailor 7 times, they found the key to the Toyota on the floor of his bedroom.

Then, his nephew who had a “Guilty Concience” Brendan Darssey, told the Police that he came home from school and lived directly across from Steven’ trailor on the lot. Brandon got Steven’s mail and was going to give it to Steven when he heard a woman screaming. Brandon knocked on the door and Steven opened it “Drenched in sweat” and asked if he wanted to come in. Brandon went back to the bedroom where he said, Theresa was tied down to the bed and had already been raped by Steven and then Steven asked the young Brandon, if he would like to have sex and then they both killed her by slitting her neck and using a shotgun on her head, as the knife cut did not work to kill her.

Netflix clearly had the perspective of the Defense on both. But both Steven and Brandon had IQ’s that make me look like a :Rocket Scientist and I think of myself as smart, but the 3 other Jewish Legion boys in school kicked my butt. Yes, I think in English and Spanish and have done many “Smart” things in my life, but if you watch this Netflix Documentary and are not upset and having problems sleeping, you missed a lot of it.

In the end, both Steven and Brandon were found guilty. Steven is now in jail for his life and Brandon can get out in 2048 when he is in his 50's.

The hardest thing that I feel, having not spent time in a “Real” prison, just a holding cell because of standing up for my 3 year old daughter who said a bad thing happened by my Ex Wife’s 3rd Ex Husband. This is not “3 Hots and a Cot” prison that they all spoke to me of, wanting it badly. This was a place that you are 1st taken to and usually, leave quickly to be charged and given a bail. I was not moved for 3 days as they were debating if I was going to be sent from Philly to Georgia for Kidnapping my child for not wanting to give her back based on what she said to me about my 2nd Ex Wife’s Husband involving Sexual Assault. Even though I was told by a PHD Doctor of Therapy in writing not to give the child back, my Ex went directly to the Law in Georgia where she now lived and said I kidnapped the child. The child was given back and I was waiting to see. Finally, I got a fifty thousand dollar bail and had to come back 3 months in a row to see if I would be moved.

My Ex dropped the whole thing as she would have gotten none of my money that she needed. But that was bad enough. It was 1 sandwich a day of 2 bread ends and 1 piece of processed American cheese.

Please watch this Documentary as you can most likely get it anywhere. In the end, both found guilty and the evidence did not matter. Both Juries were tainted. It has been disturbing to me and I was wondering how I could present it.

I think the best way is what I am doing which is giving some interest to it, but for those that know nothing of it, not giving the evidence and talk about the actual findings and how outrageous this happened only 2 years after Steven had been in the Klink for 18 years, 12 for something proven that it did not do.

The Burden of proof in the USA is on the Law’s side due to the amount of money they are paid and have all the time in the World to prove you are guilty, even if you are not. But due to both Steven and his young nephew at the time, Brandon, had very low intelligence. That is a fact. Brandon kept changing his story based on who said what and his own appointed Lawyer was out to get him as if he had no advocate on his side. That is not the way the System is “Supposed” to go. But it does and I think that these cases beyond all of the appeals that I believe have been exhausted for Steven, not sure about Brandon. I would just like to forget it and now that I have at least brought it up, I feel less burdened than I have for the past couple of days, having just completed the 9 segments in Netflix and all of the opinions on Youtube.

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