Barbara Bush and Donald Trump

That was George HW Bush’s wife that Nancy Reagan clashed with and did not invite to her funeral. Nancy planned her entire funeral today that was magnificent.

I did not go into the Donald Trump fighting and how he is urging this to happen. I think he is taking Black and White relations back to before the 60’s and it really is crazy that Ben Carson, the most soft spoken man next to my Dad, that I have known.

In Chicago, he shut down his rally tonight and released a “Please go in Peace” note.

People are beating each other up and making this a real problem. The real thing is that the USA is in the worst trouble it has been in our lifetimes. What I have experienced in Real Estate is that we will be brought down to poverty as that was the poor or middle class way to get some degree of money that works for you if you do not have a Trump type Company.

So, the fighting does express exactly where we are at in real terms. But, if Don held back on some of his thoughts…. it may have been totally different.

But then, he would not be “The Donald.”

For his next rally, I already have the goodbye message: Go in Pieces.

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