Congress is doing what we Vapers need to do

They are having a “Sit In” in the House of Representatives… all Democrats. Their goal is to get the House to vote on not letting people who are on the “No Fly List” and any other thing that would point to “Terrorism.”

Somehow, before this fight ends for the complete takedown of Electronic Cigarettes… beginning on August 6, 2016, the date that no new items or juice may be introduced to the public. This ends with the FDA totally taking over 2 years after with a complete shutdown of all vaping business until the FDA has approved every item on the market.

I have never seen so much merchandise that has been coming faster than any other Industry in the USA and China. Everyone is doing their best to get out as much as they can before the 1st “D Day.”

We need an International World Demonstration, like the Congress “Sit Down.” We all need to ban together. This means people that you don’t like, but share this wonderful what I call “The Hobby of a Lifetime.”

I don’t know how to set up anything, but I do know without any demonstrating, the FDA will trample the entire Industry in 1 day:

August 6, 2018. Some of us may not be alive, but… in the meantime with no new items, that will have an initial impact as it was moving faster than light to get new things.. that many of us that are collectors will have a lot of what is there. Yes, you always need supplies like coils and juice, but beyond that.. the Mod, or sophisticated battery holders will stop. Nothing new.

I put it out to the World: HELP US… NOW!

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