Conversations with the “Big Guy”

This is the 1st time I have ever written about something that began over 15 years ago. has motivated me to “Give all I have” out. I have written a 350 page Broadway Musical that will not be shared like this, but the “Big Guy” stories are the type of writing that is perfect for this Medium (Pun intended).

My 2nd ex wife had left saying that the reason was that she “Loved herself.” Knowing me as she did, that was the most horrible thing she could say as the Self Help stuff and courses were a plenty, so what she was saying behind her words was: You think you know so much, I found love on my own, not through you or anything you have shown me over the past 20 years I knew her.

We have an 18 year old girl. At the time, 15 years ago, she was only 3 when my ex said those mean words to me and left. What she forgot to say was that she left me due to being in a relationship… with 1 of my friends.

For computers, they say: Garbage in… Garbage out. The computer is only as good as the information you put in. Did she tell me about the Marital infidelity and there were others before this friend? No. So when she told me the lie as to why she was leaving, I was hurt badly.

I got over the initial phase, but we had a 3 year old girl that was both or ours.

About a month later, I got a call from the friend she left me for. He was asking for my help. Before I agreed to meet him at a Diner, I asked for his promise, that if I helped him, he would have to put the child first. That was all I wanted. I was also being clear that I was not playing games with him. Meaning that: he had been playing her games and now.. in his mind… he would be playing my games. I made it crystal clear that my game was to see that no harm came to the child in the break up process that I would help him with.

Think about how hard this situation was: he was asking the ex husband, his ex friend, to help to get him out of this toxic relationship with my ex wive, because he wanted out of the relationship, only a couple of months after my break up with her because she was so powerful, he could not do it himself.

The deal was made and for the next month, he let her down slowly as she, sensing that something was wrong, that she started cheating with his friends and someone she was renting part of a home from as the Landlord. Something went bad there he told me as he wound up blocking his driveway so she could not park her car there.

He had another friend that was dying within the next year and she had her way with him. When he told her that the man had died, she hardly remembered what she had done. This was all while they were together. She had 5 years with me and only began looking for someone new within my life.

She got my Banker to fool around, the same time President Clinton had “Splooge” on a blue dress from his intern. I only know about stuff that she was doing because of my friend that she told not everything as she had secrets from him, but all about me and about other things she had done to me, secretly, for the prior 5 years that we were together.

I hope that gives enough background to start the actual story. Remember, there is no way I am going to give all details on the Internet. I just felt that it was time to share a little of something that you have 2 ways to look at:

  1. It’s true
  2. It’s not true and if I thought it was, I belong in a “Looney Bin.”

I don’t care how you think. Don’t take it personally. I don’t care what I think. What I care about is honesty and love and being a loving man.

Life is different when you are in the relationship and now, over 15 years since we have broken up with my “Stealing” her from my loving arms and taking her over 1,000 plus miles from where my girl was born and lived. Most likely, she had set up the man who helped her move as I never heard from her or my daughter until 6 months later when my ex wanted money to fly them both up for Christmas and New Year and then, I was going to fly down to where they lived to bring her back.

The problem was that she gave exact words that I would never repeat here or anywhere in writing, but it had to do with molestation of her by now, the guy that drove them, who my ex wife married soon after arriving in the place far and out of where I could even find her.

I did have communication through my Mom and child support was paid. I never spoke to my child to this day. My ex sent me her High School graduation photo. She does not look like either one of us: She looks exactly like “Miss America.”

I was alone in the home that we rented while we were together. Our landlord lived next door and was not happy when my ex wife left. Could it have been that he missed her sun bathing while he drove around on a large riding mower, or private conversations she had with him as after the marriage, a lot came out about all of the lies she was telling people and if the men did not at least want her and found her to be beautiful, she would treat them very badly. You had to “Act” like she was the Morris the Cat’s Meow.

So, when the “Big Guy” spoke to me, the 1st thing he said was: Thank you for what you did for “My” child. I found that strange. Also, there was no voice in the room. It was all inside of my head. I was hearing my voice. But, how many people have “Chatter” in their head where they could have conversations where it was not me answering them? I think, not many.

That is all I am going to offer up now. There was a series of conversations we had about 15 years ago and something the “Big Guy” left me with when he realized our time together was coming to an end which was when my Landlord demanded that I leave. He did not want a single man living in this house, so he said… but I think that there was much more to the story than just me now being single.

So, I leave this to, is it 1 or is it 2. Either way, it does make for good reading. I have found that in our World, at this time, true stories gain the most focus on TV and in the Movies. From my perspective, all was true as I remember each conversation and all that ensued.

When I start something with “Big Guy” in the title, you will have an idea had you read this starting of telling what happened from my truth. Know that there is no such thing as “Universal Truth.” The proof I offer is the little ant on the floor. To him, getting to my Beagle’s dog food and taking a few nibbles and then pooping and peeing around the area. To that ant who holds as much validity as us humans do. That ant thinks I am a liar. Luckily, one of his friends thinks I am telling the truth.

That was my way of saying: since we are “Subjective” beings in the “Context” of a body, male, female or both, which would be called hermaphrodites, we can only see our own perspective or the perspectives we can see. The only time that truth and guilt can be used is in court. 1 person is guilty and 1 innocent. In the life I live, none of that matters and everyone has their own guilt and pleasure and makes their own truths.

Boy, was that longer than I wanted it to be. So, we see that my wants did not help. In order to tell this story, it is going to take a 5 minute read, just to get you started. The stuff that came directly after could take a full year to tell, but at a certain point, I will have lost any audience member alive!

So, off I go, Into the wild blue thunder…. It’s clear, it’s here, for a new career, nothing can stop the US Air force.

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