What it means to me is… not much. Since I am Jewish by birth, we were taught that Jesus never rose. Say I was born Christian. At this point, I would not care if he rose or not as I am not planning on praying to him and when I don’t see his face at the minute of my death… back to hell again.

You may ask, again? Since when did you last visit hell? The answer is as clear as any other thing that we “Perceive” on Earth: right here. I have spent more time in hell mentally than anyone I know. I have spent some time physically in Hell here on Earth, but plenty of people have me beat on that one.

In the end, what does it take to be a good Christian and guarantee your space at Christ’s Table in Heaven, at the “Right Hand of God?” Belief and faith. Those are the 2 things that you need to be anything, but if you believe that you have sinned and not taken on Jesus as the only one who can rid you of the ills to come, you must take him on before you die.

The first problem I come to is that he was Jewish, like I am. What made him “Rise” after living such a short period of time. What made him so good, that I better prey to him or I am screwed? I don’t find much there except the writing of his Apostles. We all know except for Judas, they were on Jesus’s side and he had them going good. Think about the current “Messiah” people today that have you thinking they are the new “Jesus?” So, the real question is: what and who do you believe?

When I was married to the 2nd Ex who had me going with her family every Sunday to “Born Again” Church. They revered the Jews that were there, bringing on a Passover Feast and making Jewish type words that I grew up with. Only 1 thing: as a child growing up with a Seder, the meal for Passover, every year… we left 1 seat open for the “Messiah” who had not come yet. Even if you believe that Jesus is the 1 and only Messiah… you can’t help but see that as of today, he has not returned to take anyone… anywhere.

Now, if he were to come to the Earth at 1 time and there was no electrical hookup, I too would say: it is him, he is here, I was wrong. So sorry I had to see you for myself rather than read old books written by your friends.

Then again… with the Bible #1, I would be the same way. This means that all of the dinosaur bones are fake, put there to make us think that Man was not the first on Earth. Then, I have to start reading Bible #1 again and let me tell you, that book is like 10 of Bible #2… there is so much to read and believe that when you are done… and I did complete #1 and #2… but #1 had my crying that I had finished it. It never had me preaching in the streets that it is the real thing… but I was glad it was over and have no plans to read it again.

Bible #2 just told the 1 Jesus story a few times and you could finish it within hours. The rest are letters from his buddies to other buddies. Most non Christians would be surprised to know that it is only 1 story told a bunch of times. Not that way with the 1st one that just kept telling us new stories until we could not take it anymore and for me thought… ok, where do I fit in here?

We have the life of Jesus that begins in Bible #2 as in Bible #1, he was not even a little seed in God’s eyes.

How do we know as living people today what the real truth is? There is only 1 thing that comes to mind: Belief and Faith. No where is there actual truth as that would have to be lived by yourself and those days are long ago.

We have had no proof of Bible #1 or #2 in any life I know on Earth. Earth becomes like a waiting room at a Doctor’s Office where when he finally gets to see you, you do not come out the front door you came in… you head out the back and it is a real secret as to where you went. They only thing they tell you again is : Believe and have faith and the same will happen to you.

Then, there are the people like Muslims, Budhists and many other people who lived and died and did not know Jesus existed. They are all in Hell. Billions of people who never had a chance are in hell if you believe Bible #2. As I recall, Bible #1 did not give a final answer as to where you go. I think the real reason is that it does not matter.

I want to wish my Christian friends the best of the Easter Season with the understanding that they may be wrong. If the belief and faith does not match the truth, you spun the wheel and crapped out. But, if you won… you made it and people like me are knashing their teeth in hell. Does not sound like much fun there.

The best I can offer as a past Jew and now… who knows what is: keep your eyes open and believe what you see for yourself… and forget about what people say as there are reasons behind the words that you may or may never know what really happens. And even if it is the worst it could possibly be: was your time on this Earth a total waste?

I say: NO. Life has been an experience that you walk up 1 step at a time until you reach the end which happens to be… your own death. If the walk was fun and sad, happy and bad… you experienced what there was there for a living being to experience and now that it is over, you have memories.