Flattery VS Compliment

Miracles do come true. Life is not real. It is an experience. Only when you play “Full Out” which is a Werner Erhard term that I learned going through all of his coursework before he was “Outed” in a 60 minutes sement in the 1980's and sold to his “Forum Leaders” his entire USA Business and left them with no debt. In the 6 Day Advanced Course, that no longer exists on Planet Earth, you learn what living at 100% is. You are pushed phyically and mentally. To live a life that you love, it takes the understanding for you of what living for even a second at the highest possible level you can. When you come back down, your perspective changes. Werner talked a lot on video back then about “Context.” He said that our lives are spent from birth to death in a Context. You can call your family a context, the friends you have and all of your activities. As you go out further, the State you live in, The Country You live in and then… come with me to the Moon and watch the lit up Ball of colors that is Earth and see that you cannot have a larger “Context” than the Planet we live on. We think we are standing still, but if you are with me standing on the Moon, looking back at the Earth, you see it turning in the middle of nothing or “No Thing.”

If you can do that, just follow simple instructions, your “Context” changes. Remember, we are rats in a maze. When we see that, we are released from that, but we replace it with something larger as we cannot live without a context.

How about the unseen context like air and gravity. How can they exist as a “Context” if we cannot visualize them? Try forgetting they exist. Like breathing, it goes on with or without you. No need to acknowledge that it is there. Try standing on the Moon with me again, only this time, you have to breath and have no space suit. Your context would come crashing in on you and death would be the only context we would see of you.

Only when we see and visualize that this life is a boot camp of experiences until you you get old and become a baby once more, like the movie “Benjamin Button” who started out old and ended as a baby. Memory is gone either way. We are born not knowing and we die forgetting.

When your time comes to “Drop off your Body” as LRH did. I will not name him or his Org, but many will recognize that. God forbid that I live in that Context.

If you play the context of: No one ever made you do anything. If you chose to be born to the parents you were born to, you can never blame your parents or anyone else for life’s problems. My suggestion would be to chose everything you do and when you see you don’t chose it anymore, quit and go to another context. Lots more experience await behind a closed door. But you must open it and close it. If someone else does, it then goes into F. Scott Peck territory and the “Road Less Traveled.” He claimed that most of us are Neurotic or Charactor Disordered. The first means not only do you think you are responsible for yourself, but also, your context includes you being responsible for others. Not children, but adults who are….. Charactor Disordered by knowing that you are responsible for them. That is the Context they live under. Give and Take, Parasite and Person they are feeding off of. Can you see that the 2 contexts fit perfectly together and they are opposites. Only when we fully know that we are responsible only for ourselves and children who are not old enough to take care of themselves, can we get rid of “He or She Made me do that.” Just 1 example of how oppostites attract, but both do not allow true life pleasure as it is worrry about or someone worried for you. Looks good, but inside, once the context of “Full Life Experience” comes, can we see that we stood behind non working contexts that were never there.

I don’t know if I told this Tom Hopkins story, but I will end here with it. They train elephants like this: they take the baby elephant and put in a huge stake in the ground with concrete all around. To the baby elephant, it is a context that will last for the rest of the elephant’s life. Now, the baby is fully grown, they can put a tiny stick in the ground, no concrete and that elephant will not even “Try” to move from it. Tom Hopkins said that animals have only Stimulus/Response. Humans have Stimulus… Pause… Response. Deepak Chopra says that within that Pause section or for fun “Paws,” is the “Gap of infinite Possiblities.” Once again, another Context. Until you die and there for you, we are not 100% sure that there is a context. But most of the World’s Religions think there is. So be it!