Glory to God…

I speak Spanish and was teaching an “English as a 2nd Language” course to my Colombian Neighbor. She was having a lot of trouble pronouncing English and after 1 week, I started to speak to her only in Spanish. In Spanish, I asked her to repeat something I said. She was angry about my not speaking English and told me that I should speak in English. Continuing on, I would not switch back to English as I was now getting upset with the eternal battle: Who is the teacher here anyway?

It ended very badly. I walked off and as I did, I started insulting her in Spanish. This was the “Old Dave” and I don’t mean me now, old in age, but really the “Younger Dave” that did not even consider other people’s feelings before spewing what I can only say was upsetting to me. The class was over for good. But I was upset for saying things to her in Spanish that were not true and I am just greatful that as I spewed, that only She understood the Spanish. After 1 week, she just called me and I said how sorry I was to have said the things in particular that I did not mean. She said “We both were not living up to the Christ within us.” I have been to her Church which has to do with Assention and Arc Angel Michael and I insulted that which was the worst of what I said. I asked for her forgiveness, telling her how I did not mean the things I said. She understood, saying that we both wre not being the Christ within ourselves.

This reminded me of the 5 years I was married to my 2nd ex Wife who was a Born Again Christian. Only problem was the 10 Comandments. She did not adhear to the one that said “No Adultry.” I went to her Church many Sundays. Being Jewish, as I was born and lived for years until I understood that I no longer needed any Religion as it all was inside of me, including Christ Conciosness. After my 2nd Ex and I broke up, I went to her Father and Step Mother who had been there “Trying” to convert me as a “Completed Jew” like other Members of their Church. I asked them if it was ok that she broke the “Adultry” Comandment. They put me off and I gave them my wedding ring as a sign that the whole thing was over.

I did not regret that at all. That was over 15 years ago. This thing with my neighbor happened just 1 week ago. I was so glad she called and accepted my sorrow about how I did not mean anything I said to her and she accepted it saying “Glory to God.”

I am these days a person that has no religion, but I know that God exists and I do understand what “The Christ Within” means. It means that who that man was is inside of each of us. He was not the “Only” son of God, but that we all are the Children of God. All that Jesus was is inside of each and every one of us. No need to go anywhere as it all is inside of us all. The most important is that we see it and act. That I had sorrow that would only stop based upon her acceptance of my actions as being bad and that she forgives me now.

The class is over. But our personal relationship took a big step up. Now it is my turn to say: Glory to God and the Christ within us all.