Great Life for the Strong..

Look all over to see a World of pain. I do my best to make fun of it and take the reality in stride. Because I know it goes on forever, but not for any individual, I make the best of the tools what were dealt me.

In this time, I have learned that getting what you want is ok, but not all of the time as you learn not to appreciate.

I have learned that things I deserve based on skill and ability have nothing whatsoever to do with whether I get them or not. As a matter of fact, the more I exude what I know and have been given, the worse I do… so I am going to play it…. easy for today.

Just for today, I will allow my ability to exceed my output and know that it may be years, if ever, that the things I have put out for years may never be accepted by anyone and to make myself who I am based on choice that has nothing to do with result.

For now, I will forgive all who have let me down and directly lied to my face to get something from me I would have given had they just told me.

For the rest of my time I have here, I promise to be as patient as I can, knowing that I rounded the turn toward 100, an age which I will not be here for. I will be ok if only given this day and do not wake in the morning.

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