Hell hath no fury

Like the way I get paid. I Finally have had enough. AMC’s have been here since May of 2009 as an Act of Congress so that the Lender was not putting undue pressure on the appraiser. It wound up being like “Comunism” was in 1978 in Russia when I was there on a concert tour.

I am now actively going into Entertainment and will pull the reigns in on Appraisal as the Industry is a real downer.

Even to just to regular work takes so much more time and they make you wait for 1 to 2 months to get paid.

I am tired due to writing what should have been an easy one and it took about 5 hours.

More to come. The 1 thing I promise, not to you, but to all: I will be honest at all possible costs. I will divulge any info that is directly related to how I feel at the time. Right now, I wanted to say that and I am tired from the day. I just had to come to say something.

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