How can I be so broke?

I have worked non stop this year. Last year I made less than I did when I was 17, but this year, I was probably near my early 20’s. Why?

AMC’s. American Management Companies. The robbers of the appraiser in the USA. I don’t mean working doing something of value. They take the Visa or Amex from the Borrower immediately for much more than they will pay the appraiser in 1 to 2 months. The borrowers think that the appraiser gets the whole thing immediately, but due to the Crappy Congress, all appraisers are screwed, not even Royally since that is the UK. We take it up the butt without any lube. Case Closed.

The Appraisal Foundation in Washington, DC wrote in a Newsletter that they know what is going on. They also by omission are not going to do 1 thing about it.

What AMC’s do for experienced appraisers as I am, is steal my money and make my checks bounce. Yes, for the 1st time since I was being screwed in another business when I was young, I bounced a lot of checks by people working for me stealing. This appraisal think is legal steeling. With the blessing of the US Congress, they are making sure I don’t inflate values.

What they really do is pester you to get a 2 week job done in 1 week. Bad for all of us. I am sick of it and have been an appraiser my entire life. Never have I seen the likes of AMC’s and if there is a “Big Guy,” he will see to it that they are thrown out on their asses. These people are making their money by making borrowers think that the appraiser is being paid the entire amount, immediately.

1 to 2 months for a partial payment is too long to wait and I have borrowed up to the hilt and have now Three $35 fees. I think they paid the 3 checks, but thirty five dollars a piece is yet another rip off.

This is my prayer: Big Guy, see to it that I am restored to being a full human. See me in my own business again so that I can make money. I beg you to make the Congress realize that the Big Banks own their own AMC’s and are charging the borrowers way more than I ever did. I am an employee of the AMC and get only a 1099 at the end of the year with no benefits and must keep waiting for money I earned long ago. I don’t want anyone to die, just to get a new line of work. Make this type of illegal/legal by Congress go away, now, if not sooner. Your sometimes pal, dave.