How to write…

stuff that no one will ever read.

  1. Sit in your chair.
  2. don’t get up for 6 hours
  3. Oh … sorry, this is how to write an appraisal.

Did you sense the sarcasm there? That is the real key to get no one to ever read anything you write. It is only funny to you and maybe 1 other person and we all know who that “Sad Sack” is and I think that is a perfect term. For you youngin’s that did not read the comic book Sad Sack… just wish that you were 66 and it will come to you in a dream after a good meal with a Cabernet Savignon, and 1 to to fits of uncontrollable laughter and I guarantee, if you wake up, it will feel like you are coming out of your mother’s womb again, with being pushed and someone saying “He’s crowning.” The only difference this time, is that when you are full pulled from the womb, you will be much older than an actual new born baby and able to speak and do things big boys do including going potty rather than going in your “Depends.” It depends on which brand of adult diapers you buy!

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