Making Big Money
David Gross

How true I speak. You see the turn sign. Do you stay on that street or turn on the other. The full weight of your life is in the balance. Those that look of how it could have been if they had chosen the other direction think they are going to live forever and can do everything they want in 100 year maximum. Say your thing is to meet ever soul alive. Billions of people. Just saying “Hi” to each one will not be possible. Concentrate on the important issues realizing that even as a 30 year old, we all only can count on this moment. This is why I have made it my goal not to live in regret. If I need to say something: I say it as soon as I can… without fear of retribution. It is not that I don’t care what people think…. I care not what I think. I care about my actions resulting from the thoughts, or lack of them… and not what people say, but what they do, watching being my only source of determination.

I am not going to get on a soap box… but if every Religion were right, it would be such an impossibility that there is no need to mention any Religion. Even though I am “Schooled” in Jewish stuff… do I know that a Religion that bases everything on Custom and nothing except show up for the New Year and Day of fasting and praying, the “Attonment” which gave me the red line.

For Jews I say, how about living that day of Atton…. every day of your life? How about knowing you could die and have a clean slate as you did your “12 Step” thing or whatever floats your boat… and came out on the other end not knowing. I also like to bring up why the Religions say nothing except for Scientology, but that is fake and made up… thanks Leah. Until we each die in our time, the original type of death where you don’t come back and see the white light…. that death will show you the “Real” Truth!