More Republican Debate talk
David Gross

I am gonna start this one with the behind the scenes poverty that Dodd Frank brought us. I have nothing against either of them, but how stupid can you be to understand it has nothing do to with anything except the taking away of Real Estate in our Country?

People who are not affected by this horrible Law, maybe now will understand just a little more of how Congress thought they would be paid and how all they do for their money is bother the appraiser about time, having no understanding that most deals are hard today due to the shortage of Listings and Sales in Real Estate. To then use our money and in my opinion, do nothign for us and make us wait to be paid, using our money as they get it immediately from the borrowers… makes me sick! Take it down, and today is far too late. I should have been taken down years ago. A test project gone “Rogue.”

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