I can feel it

Jay is close by. It is Tuesday night at 2:01 am. Jay and I will be meeting at our fav. diner with Rachel… the waitress that Jay dreams of. He reads her beads as if they came from the same pod. For me.. just a waitress. For him… if only I met her 40 years ago… she would have been….. minus 20.

I was joking, maybe minus 15. But I do know that Jay knows her like a book. She even makes the food taste good. Like Willy Wonka…

Who can take a cheken soup…. pepper it with love… make it so cold that that when Dave eat’s it he freez… the Rachel girl can… the Rachel girl can.. The Rachel girl can cause she mixes it with her finger… (it’s that cold), the Rachel Queen can.

That was my moving tribute for our Meeting.

Don’t miss my review after the hour of fun. All of us should be waiting with baited breasts… or at least Rachel… but she don’t know what’s commin!