If I am gonna make it here…

Looks like I need to insert photos. Walt, my dear friend may help me and has already. I gave him my secret sign in info and he is going to look over my original “Thinking on my Feet” writing to see if there is any way to “Further it.”

I write as I speak, fast and knowing. Even if I am wrong, I don’t care as long as I Believe what I am writing. If something shows up wrong, I have no probs saying “I’m Sorry.”

I just wanted to acknowledge that Walt has been there for me the past 13 years or so. He, his Wife Susan and I all graduated from CHS class of 1978. I love them and their 3 kids, two girl twins and a younger, but now older boy who is quite and athelete so I here. Walt and I get together every few months for Uno’s and a Movie. Hey, that sounds like a good name of a TV show. All we need is Unos or a Movie to pay us. That is so much eaiser said than done. Both Walt and Susan are in Education. Susan is a Vice Principle in a High School in New Jersey and Walt is an English teacher in a closer to me town in NJ. Both have the beloved Chis Christie as Governor.

How many of you know that he cut all “Cost of living” increases for all Teachers? Both he and Donny Trump may be fun to hang out for a day or 2, but I think they let Hill. take a walk up to Presidential Hill where Bill can do it in the oval office, only this time… legally! His schmutz can go all over the darn room while Hill. is on Airforce UNO.