It aint easy bee in me

Sung by Kermit the Frog, just change the last word to “Green.”

The simple truth is: people that have never known “Working Poverty” which is a phrase I just made up. This was a middle class man. At 2 points in my now 55 years, I was in the middle 6 figures heading towards the top. They both were due to my attitude toward my 2 families and were taken down by others I trusted. 2 times.

I also have 2 bankruptsys that go with the end of both. I have told the story before and don’t mean to keep repeating like someone who is hard of hearing. I just mean to be honest.

I now have worked steadily making as much as possible in this appraisal World that will not allow anyone to make more than $75,000 and if that sounds good to you, because I am making 1/2 of what I used to make and have to wait 1 to 2 months after completion of an appraisal, it means that there is no time to have anyone work for me anymore as 2 days from the date of the inspection, all AMCs demand that you either hand in the report, or have a damn good reason why not. They have become my boss and reason I am getting ready to leave the Industry after 30 years.

I used to love my work. Making my own hours. We had 2 weeks to get the job done and that meant I could do my own work and review people who worked for me. Washington Headquarters for Appraisal knows all about what is going on with the AMCs killing the appraiser and everyone I know that has stayed in, gets help from family and friends, or is sent to the Poverty Plant which is Welfare.

It’s no shame to be poor. But, it’s no great honor either. What would have been so terrible if I had a small fortune. That was Tevye from Fiddler on the Roof and this is who and what I have become.

Don’t think that that reality ever shows up to anyone, AMCs, Clients, etc.. It is just between us!

I am letting you in on what it is like to have it all and then be crashed to the ground, only this time, it is Congress of the United States that did it and the date it went into affect is May of 2009. I was no longer allowed to collect from any Lender and I could not have the time necessary to do good work without working 60 to 80 hours a week. If you were to put where I am on an hourly basis as my work is the same no matter how much I am paid, or in this case paid too late and too little, it is between $10 and $15 per hour. It is the pay of a starting appraiser. Less than I made when I started 30 years ago.

I do live by myself with my Beagle Charlie and I do own a duplex, renting the downstairs to a Wonderful Woman… but I have a 2nd mortgage that I will never be able to finance into my 1st mortgage as the prices of duplexes are only slightly higher than I paid in 2003. You need a certain amount of equity to refinance and I know that I would be shot down by any Lender.

They called it “Preditory Lending” when they had people that needed money pay higher interest rates. Those days are long gone.

I don’t want to take all day with this so I will give you the “Punch Line.” In the Republican Debates, several Candidates said that they would repeal these laws that make it necessary to have these “Worthless” (My term) AMCs.

But….. that does not mean that the AMCs have to close shop. It means they are no longer required. And anyone over 30 should know this game. There was this whole Industry created since May of 2009.

Who is going to take away all of the money they make from credit cards immediately upon a person wanting an appraisal? Once they are there, getting rid of them would also take another new Act of Congress making them illegal. I also know lobbyists due to my E Cigs. Big Tobacco says that the affect of the vapor is unknown at this time. But cigarettes are all to well known and I know 1 thing besides death and taxes: reality of making cigarettes will never happen due to the money. E Cigs Save Lives. But no one in power really cares about your life. They just want the most taxes they can get and will kill you happily. Don’t listen to the FDA when they come down from Olympus and take everyone’s income in E Cigs away for 5 to 7 years while they are “Testing,” while if they really did test cigarettes, any moron knows that inhaling a lit fire ball, which is what smoking cigs are, represent Billions of dollars in taxes each year. It will take too long for them to make E Cig money, so… there you have it. Listen to the FDA and choke yourself to death, or make a stand by buying all you can before it is gone. Case Closed.

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