It isn’t even close

I must be honest. Since our “Beloved” President said that on his last State of the Union Speech, I have not been able to forget it. I am in shock that he lied, but so wish that it were true.

The sad fact is: there are only 2 classes in the USA, Rich is 1 and the other is the Poor and now added with them are the Working Poor.

I saw Warren Buffet and his band of Merry Billionaires who have great intentions, but for the life of me, I do not understand why the Working Poor are taxed so high.

Everything in life has to do with perspective. I have been one of the Upper Middle Class people when I had both families and it was not a matter of anything except being able to give my family the things they needed and when the ride stopped, I was left without a penny.

I really think that the Republicans have their heads up their …. you know where. They think they can stop abortions by saying Planned Parenthood is selling baby parts. Do they want the women who are not going to have the baby to go back to the oldin days where you would use a hanger to take care of it?

I just wish there would be a clear person in all of the Rhetoric they are pushing that is the person that will make sure our Country does not go out of business. I cannot believe I am even thinking that. About 10 years ago, this guy Steve said that the USA was going to go out of business. I thought he was crazy. Now I see the Real Estate Industry and Wall Street tanking and I am having personal problems with the 1st one. I tried stocks for a little while and did not have the money to really do it. I think if I did, I would have just lost more. Not an easy gamble, playing stocks. Besides, my life is a gamble each day I wake up.

The worst January I can remember in my life as far as money goes and it can only get better from here.

I just don’t want to hear a President who is leaving our Country up Shits Creek without a paddle acting like we are the Super Power we were when FDR said his famous December 7, 1941… a day which will live in Infamy.

I almost want to say: President Obama’s last Speech to the Nation, a speech that will live in toilet bowls throughout the Country.

Someone should remind him and all Presidents that when you are ready to leave office, your hair turns almost totally grey. Why they don’t use “Just for Men/Women (If Hill wins) as our President’s face still is young. But his hair and many other President’s hairs were dark when they came in and grey when they left.

I am not saying that he created our problems. I am saying that you can blame the Republicans all you want, but it does not change the fact that our Country has been in decline the entire time he has been President. It started at the end of Bush II and then finally leveled off around 2011. But we are not going up. We are treading water hoping to stay alive and that is no way to live.

The rich have to look at it from the perspective of this: even if you think that other’s should be paying more, you have enough money to last your lifetime and kids lifetimes and who knows how far down the line. If they don’t start kicking in some money and let them say what they want to do, like reducing Government people and Government waste, but take a million from all of them each year. They won’t even miss it.

Yet, as sure as I live now, I know that the working poor will pay Social Security that makes them poor and the odds are, the Social Security System will bankrupt due to people living way longer than FDR meant them to. He died at 63, but looked about 80. Today, we do look younger and live to be in our 90’s and that is not medical science. It is the Higher Power showing us that we cannot live to be old and keep relying on a dated system that has no funding.

But, the mis spending of money, like when the Government gave money to that Investment firm when Wall Street 1st went bankrupt. The Government did nothing to help 1 and they went out of business, Sterns and … I forget.

But I remember that the Government gave a ton of money to AIG and the next day that money went for the top peoples “Golden Unbrella’s,” leaving the poor ones at the bottom to look for their own funding. I don’t know how anyone can live with themselves that were involved in that. Let 1 go down the tubes and the other, make the rich ones richer.

How much money do we need to live a happy life? It varies from person to person, but real truth is: a roof over your head, food in your stomach and a car to go places and some spending money. You don’t even need a million to live happily.

I just wish I could forget what President Obama said. If he said, we are not doing nearly as well as we used to when we did not owe China and other Countries all of this money, but I have faith in the American people that the Wealthy will pitch in and do what they can to make sure we do not go out of Business and more than that, help by making more jobs for places like Detroit that used to be for making cars and music. Now, it is a place for great poverty. Don Trump says he is going to put a large surcharge on cars that come in from say… Canada, Mexico and all of the other places that the car manufacturers went to when they left Detroit.

But we are not even “Close” to being there. Until such time as there are no more Working Poor, I wish they would all stop lying to us. I will admit that I was in shock when he said it. But it has been festering in my brain and I have trouble living with his lie, just to make himself look good to only the Wealthy. The Working Poor, me and the poor, most of the rest of us, will keep doing what we do. I just hate to be insulted acting like my 30 years of understanding Real Estate has shown me anything but our main item that used to bring up the Working Class, is gone. What we have substituted in it’s place is…. nothing.

I am sorry to be negative as mostly I do think positive thoughts, I just could not live with a lie that without anyone saying: hey, we are the top Country, Now, with all that is going on. I had to call “Shenanigans.”