Lies About Electronic Cigarettes

I am not sure how e cigs are going to be left alone. I just read a report that said that “Nicotine is taken and when you stop using the electronic cig, you become crabby and go through withdrawl.”

I told the story of how I was in the Hospital for 2 weeks without even 1 pang of missing my e cig. I also said that had I been smoking cigs at that time, I would have “Needed” to get a puff and blow it out the Hospital window.

I have proven that there is no such thing as 2nd hand “Vape.” How can that be? By having the ability to absorb all of the vapor and blow nothing but what you would blow out normally, Carbon Dioxide and other things, but not 2nd hand “Vape.” I then contrasted it to holding in cigarette smoke that after a second of holding it in, “Anyone” would be coughing as it is not possible to inhale and absorb all of the smoke.

PG/VG, both based upon a water base. Also, let’s not forget me blowing a vape hit into my Lung Doctor’s face and him saying: “That was the same as the nicotine patch or gum.” Lastly, the before and after Cat Scans showing my lungs 3 years ago as if I never had 1 cigarette in my entire life. I smoked for 30 years straight at 1 pack per day.

Even though the ax may come down, you cannot shut the door on someone who has used this since 2009. The open door for that period of time, starting at 100,000 vapers in the USA to millions at this point, will never stop or go back to smoking. Each time I “Bum” a smoke, which has been maybe 20 times in the past 6 years, it only seves to remind me why I gave up smoking in the 1st place. Rolling my own cigs the last 5 years of the 30 smoking years, the raw tobacco smelled great. When lit, it tasted just like professionally made smokes: like cr.p! (Ultra not good).

My concern is for new people that listen to the Government or other sources that have no idea as they are not smokers or vapers. I would have stopped had my Lung Doctor saying 1 bad thing. Not only that, my singing voice has returned and my ability to hold my breath is great and I love life and want to live. I had wanted to die of cancer due to my non smoking Dad having dying of cancer in 2000. Because of Electronic Cigarettes, I have no emphazima and no bad effects of smoking. Any cancer that would come to me now will have nothing to do with smoking those horrible cigarettes.

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